5 steps to a successful game marketing campaign

Despite consumer marketing fatigue, there is still hope. The marketing game is one of the strongest levers for today Captivate your audience and turn them into a customer or even a brand ambassador.
If you plan to follow the lead of Balenciaga, Starbuck or Gémo Launch your marketing contest campaign, In this article, you’ll find the keys to maximizing impact and achieving your goals.

What is a game marketing campaign?

The gamification Marketing (or game marketing) is a strategy that consists of taking the codes of games (contests, board games and especially videos) to engage and retain your prospects or customers.

This playful concept will indeed do the trick Invite consumers to take an action (subscribe to your page, subscribe to your newsletter, etc.) in exchange for an opportunity to play a game and win prizes.

Specifically, your interactive campaign can take the form of a Gamified Loyalty ProgramQuiz or even a collaboration with another brand.

4 good reasons to make your marketing playful

When more and more brands start Gamification MarketingThis is because there are many advantages to this approach.

In particular, it is a powerful lever for:

  1. Increase audience engagement. Games, and especially the rewards that we can win as a result, are a very effective anti-scrolling tool. This strategy is therefore very relevant to keep your target audience’s attention and reduce your bounce rate.
  2. Make data collection (while staying GDPR compliant). Your prospects choose to voluntarily share their information in order to get a ticket to your game.
  3. increase popularity your brand. Most marketing games require you to subscribe to your site, share your post in the player profile, or even generate content around your campaign (this is known as UGC) as a condition of participation. Either way, it’s a great way to expand your brand’s reach and generate leads.
  4. Convert new customers and engage your audience. If you reward attendees with coupons or loyalty points, there’s a good chance they’ll buy (or buy again) from your brand.

5 steps and tips to launch a viral marketing game campaign

Now let’s get to practice. Like any marketing strategy a interactive campaign must be well thought out before starting. To maximize your return on investment, we recommend you follow these steps.

1. Identify your goal and set clear goals (engagement, conversion, etc.)

Before designing your marketing contest, take the time to define who it is aimed at. One of the main benefits of this strategy is that collect data And to convert prospects into customers, you need to have as accurate an idea as possible of the audience your brand is trying to reach.

start with Identify yourself (Age, consumer habits, expectations of your business). Also, be clear about how your target audience relates to your brand. Do you want your marketing game campaign to allow you to acquire new customers (and thereby generate leads) or to retain your existing customers in order to retain them?
Take the time to do this too State specific goals. What returns do you expect in terms of audience engagement, conversion, or retention? Set KPIs to track throughout your interactive campaign.

2. Choose the right marketing gamification game format and rewards

You then have the choice between a wide variety of formats Marketing Gamification. For example, you can choose from the following ideas:

  • The quiz multiple choice (with a timer to create excitement and reference times to beat to boost competition between participants);
  • creative competition : for participants who are highly engaged in your campaign.
  • winning moment : Participants only need to fill out a form to find out if they have won a reward.
  • marketing games with score that resumes the codes of the video game like one Tap Tap. Put your leads in competition and invite them to share.

To identify the type of marketing competition most relevant to your brand, Consider the habits of your target audience. Think carefully about your endowments, too. You must be attractive enough Booster l’Engagement players and increase their loyalty to your brand. You are spoiled for choice again, between exclusive discounts, product samples, VIP experiences with the brand, etc.

3. Set up the advertising strategy for your interactive campaign

Once your marketing game is up, carefully choose the channels you want to promote it on. For example, depending on your goal and goals, you can Launch an interactive social media campaignvia your newsletter or directly at your points of sale/on your products (thanks to a QR code).
Also, create a consistent promotional plan. Schedule teasing in advance of your campaign and regular reminders on identified channels throughout the duration of your campaign and on the day of publication. Finally, don’t forget to thank the participants and highlight the winners. Recognition is in itself a powerful incentive for your marketing game.

4. Engage attendees in your marketing game to convert or retain them

The Conditions of Participation The actions of your marketing campaign will vary depending on the goals you set. Use it as leverage to convert your prospects or retain your customers.

When you are in the perspective of lead generationFor example, you can ask the participant to subscribe to your newsletter, to share the publication of competitions on its networks, etc.
Remember that the greater the value of your reward, the more you can add terms and conditions to your advantage. However, be careful not to be too greedy or you risk slowing down players.

5. Collect and analyze your data

As we explained to you in our data collection guide, Google recently announced that they are ending third-party cookies. Marketing games are therefore an alternative that respects your users and the GDPR when collecting customer data. Actually It is about zero party data, because they are voluntarily shared with you by your prospects.

So think about it Carefully select the data that interests you and keep your data safe registration form as short as possible. Then, take the time to analyze this data in addition to your interactive campaign’s KPIs (like conversion rate, sales, new subscribers, etc.) to measure its impact.
This makes it easier for you to improve what needs improvement. and optimize your next marketing contests!

Ready to launch your interactive campaign?

Thanks to our no-code platform, creating marketing games has never been easier. Test our solution in sign up now for freeT!

If you have any questions or need advice, don’t hesitate to contact us via the live chat at the bottom right of your screen.

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