How can you use influencer marketing to grow your brand?

How can you use influencer marketing to grow your brand?

read social networks They have become the largest distribution spaces that we can find on the Internet. It shares memes, exchanges opinions and advice, and even provides tutorials on all sorts of topics. It’s not surprising that brands want to be present in this environment that has become so relevant in today’s society.

Many companies rely on professional profiles or advertising in their ads. In fact, these are the most common maneuvers. On the other hand, a good way to promote a brand and take it to the top in record time is to bet on the brand Marketing of influencerssomething that is not that common and that few of them use wisely.

Do you have a brand and want to grow it on social media and are you interested in learning more about influencer marketing? In this article we explain what it is exactly, how to use it and the benefits it offers you.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is about forging a Relationship between brands and relevant internet figuresthat are suitable for influencing the opinion of users or their purchasing decisions.

Influencers are not just people with a large number of followers and that is the first thing that should be clarified. These are users with great charisma, with lots of online visibility and whose criteria are respected by the followers who gather them. Focusing on opinion leaders and publicly aligning with them is ultimately what a brand that executes this strategy does.

Influence in the digital age

Nowadays it’s very common to search the internet for advice, opinions or tutorials when you want to learn more about a topic. In these cases, influencers will be the first to come to the fore, as they usually have better positioning on the internet. When these personalities recommend a product, endorse a service, or have good things to say about a brand, they tend to be listened to because they are the internet experts. This works especially for those who have a niche blog, YouTube channel, or social network even if they don’t have that many millions of followers.

How influencer marketing campaigns work

Influencer marketing campaigns work by giving a brand visibility through an influencer’s content on the social networks they run: directly to their community. The cooperations can be very different depending on the type of brand, whereby it is usually about showing the service, advising the product or expressing one’s own opinion about it. This is usually done in the most natural way possible, taking into account the language of the influencer himself and his identity. In fact, that overwhelming personality will be the best hook for your brand.

Benefits of influencer marketing for your brand

The Advantages Is influencer marketing comparable to other social media strategies? The truth is that using this technique does not negate the implementation of other campaigns, but offers a projection rarely achieved through other means. We show you all the benefits it can offer you.

Increased brand visibility

The influencer’s thousands or millions of followers will consume your brand’s content and that’s something very few online advertising campaigns guarantee. This is a big increase in visibility on the internet.

Improve trust and credibility

Seeing an influencer’s content is a far cry from seeing an ad in the eyes of the receiving user. It is the advice of a trusted authority that they follow and trust. So if they say they like your brand, that’s a guarantee for them.

Reach your target group effectively

It’s one of the most direct ways to speak personally to your brand’s audience. For this it is necessary to study it well and choose the influencer that best suits this profile, a previous job that increases the good results.

How to identify the right influencers for your brand

Influencer marketing will resonate with your target audience and benefit your brand whenever you choose the most suitable profilehow it goes?

Understand your target audience

Only if you know your own customers well can you recognize related profiles. You can do this by observing the behavior of your brand’s followers and looking at the stats that social networks are tagging for you.

Look for influencers in your niche

Your market niche is another variation to consider. For example, if your brand is about accessories, it would be logical to rely on influencers who talk about fashion, accessories or beauty. It is the profiles that bring together a larger audience interested in this topic.

Assessing the authenticity and engagement of influencers

The influencer world is pretty competitive right now and you will find that there are several standout profiles in every industry, niche and for every audience. It’s interesting to bet on those who are more natural and authentic, those who genuinely value your brand and aren’t just doing it to get something in return.

Tips for working with influencers

Indeed they exist specialized agencies in this type of marketing as hello monday, with professional teams used to developing collaboration plans with these personalities, choosing the most suitable for each brand. One of our first recommendations is that you take advice from them or put the matter directly into their hands.

In addition, we also show you some tips This is useful when you want to start working on influencer marketing.

Set clear and measurable goals

In order to know if the campaign is really profitable and you are achieving your goals, the ideal is to set goals that can be quantified and evaluated. For example, increase a certain number of followers in a certain period of time or add a certain number of sales in a period of time.

Design an effective content strategy

In any case, the content strategy must be effective, coordinated with the influencer and as natural as possible. Thinking about it must be the key to success, otherwise it can damage the image of both parties.

Measure and analyze campaign performance

It will be crucial to measure the impact of the campaign from the start and to check whether the goals are being achieved. This is the only way you can find out whether it is worth it and to what extent it can strengthen your brand.

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