How to Create an Irresistible Linkedin Profile – Social BlaBla

How to Create an Irresistible Linkedin Profile – Social BlaBla

Linkedin has become a real boom as a social network with more than 259 million active users worldwide. So I want to show you how to make the most of it and create a profile linkedin attractive.

We are facing the quintessential professional social network and I stress that it is fundamental when it comes to finding a job.

This allows us to quickly and efficiently connect with companies, potential clients, suppliers and former classmates without losing the professional touch.

Even the most active users of linkedin Ignore these simple tips to get a much more attractive profile that many businesses will find compelling.

Here are a number of tips, keep in mind:

optimizaSEO Optimize your profile to improve SEO:

Google likes Linkedin, there’s no doubt about it, and to prove it, I invite you to do the following:

Enter your first and last name in the well-known search engine and if you have a well-optimized profile, you will appear in the first places.

Here I show you an example, in this case with the guru of social mediaGary Vainerchuk.

Don’t forget to personalize the URL with your first and last name. This is important if you are doing branding, want to strengthen your personal brand and stand out from the rest (in many cases you are not the only one with this first and last name). πŸ™‚

In addition, it is much more attractive to enter your profile and find a URL of this type of something like this:

The difference is obvious, right?

To do this you just have to click on the wheel that I have indicated in the image:

Linkedin personalizaurl

Then a box will appear asking you to enter your personal URL with first and last name:

URL NameLast Name

Important: It must be between 5 and 30 characters long and be able to combine letters and numbers.

As I told you at the beginning of the post, this is SEO It is important to optimize your profile linkedinand that’s why you should include keywords in sections like the professional headline, abstract, and skills.

For example, if I’m a community manager or intend to further my career in this area, I’ll include that word in the sections I mention, making it more visible to potential clients, recruiters, or future employees.

Google He loves profiles that are direct, simple and to the point. Nothing to write for the sake of writing, or to leave out the typical gibberish in the excerpt because it will punish you and we don’t want to offend San SEO.

trick: If you do not know what keywords I suggest that you look for your industry’s references and examine what terms they use, what information they include in their extract, skills and validations, i.e. your profile linkedin It needs to be perfectly focused and aligned with your industry.

In addition, you can also search for your keyword on Google. At the bottom of the page, the search engine suggests a series of words. Choose and paste the ones that best fit your profile.

I’ll give you an example.

In my case, I used the keyword Community Manager. When I look at the relevant searches, I get the following results:

community managers

Now in my profile I put the keywords I want with a special focus on professional headline and the extract.

Don’t forget to include links to other profiles on your social networks (Linkedin allows you up to 3), that is, the profiles on which you are most active. A link to your website is required.

To edit this information, click contact informationin your profile:


new contacts Include new contacts:

Every time you step onto LinkedIn, it’s important to keep adding new contacts, making new connections, and expanding your community of followers every day. You never know who is behind you and what new opportunities will arise.

Important: The more contacts you have, the higher you rank in the search.

Linkedin is the professional social network par excellence, so you must create an extremely careful profile, it is your letter of recommendation, yours curriculum online This shapes the first impression of our contacts.

At least 300 is a good number for the algorithm linkedin Take us into account and do not exceed 3000 because after this number we are no longer relevant.

unetegruposlinkedin Join new groups:

They must be among the most important groups in your industry. To do this, go to the search bar and type the type of group you want to join, e.g. B. social media.

The default search is performed between users. So select the arrow I’m pointing to in red and change the search option to Groups.

LinkedIn Groups

linkedin It shows you the most relevant groups, ordered from highest to lowest number of members. Just by clicking join you would already be part of the group, although I have to tell you this as follows FacebookHere, too, we distinguish between open and closed groups. In the latter case, you need administrator approval to join.

It is important to be visible to your target audience, your contacts. Therefore, you should share updates on your profile, e.g. B. News, articles, new skills, experiences, etc.

What’s the point?

First, sight range. Every time you add a the change from you profile It also appears in your contacts’ newsboard and, in many cases, piques your contacts’ curiosity. This leads to more visits to your profile.

Additionally, it allows you to position yourself as an expert in your niche and can be a reason to start a conversation with a new client.

linkedin It’s a social network where content is shared, yes, but in moderation. This image perfectly illustrates how often you should post on your social networks:

when to post

As you can see, one post per day is enough. Don’t overwhelm your audience with too much information and only contribute content on a daily basis if you’re doing a good job.

It’s important not only to share that Contents in your profile, but also in groups with a related topic. In general, users contribute valuable articles and this content can be used for posting on other social networks.

Use a professional profile picture on LinkedInUse a professional photo

Carefully choose the photo you want to use on your profile linkedin. Your looks are important, so there are a number of things you should consider:

– Choose a photo with a white background where you stand out well and are easily recognizable.

– Avoid taking photos in inappropriate places (bars and clubs) or at night.

– You must appear alone in the photo, do not go out with your best friend, your partner or the dog. we are in one red social professional and that is what we will convey.

– Smiling always helps, but without going too far. A photo with a nice, friendly gesture is perfect. This is no reason to be serious or to laugh out loud Facebook.

– The selfie is also not a good option, rather have someone take your picture.

Join linkdin to improve your profileWhy do you want to be on LinkedIn?

Why did you create a profile on LinkedIn?

Don’t tell me “because you have to be on all social networks”. This is not a compelling reason. If you jumped into this web, I think you have a good reason.

Looking for new customers?

New partners?

Maybe you need new investors?

Be closer to the influencers?

your activity in linkedin You must focus on achieving that goal. Create and share valuable content, nurture and nurture new relationships, and grow your community every day.

Linkedin is a social network with thousands of possibilities. Knowing how to be a part of it and reach your full potential can earn you a place in your industry.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

If you found the content useful or just got something out of it, share it or leave me a comment below.

It is my pleasure to have you here πŸ™‚

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