Facebook announces the launch of “Clear History,” a feature that could weaken targeting

Facebook announces the launch of “Clear History,” a feature that could weaken targeting

Facebook wall decorationFacebook’s Clear History feature will be rolled out in late 2019. It will impact Facebook’s ad targeting feature for advertisers.

During the last F8 conference, Facebook announced the 2019 launch of Clear History, a tool that is still under development. Thanks to this tool, Internet users should have more precise control over the traces they leave on the web that the social network collects for advertising purposes.

In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal surrounding the collection and sharing of personal user data, this is an opportunity for Facebook to show goodwill and set up its own self-regulatory tools.

Use of User Data

Facebook currently uses a lot of user information.

Most websites use Cookiesand ask the user to accept them in order to access a page. The user then has the option to sort their browsing history to avoid being tracked by companies.

When the user shares an article, likes it on Facebook, or even when they connect to a website or application using their Facebook credentials, the social network stores data related to its navigation. This record allows Facebook to categorize users based on their interests, location, etc. The network then sells these categories to brands like ad targeting.

This aggregated data enables Facebook and brands to:

  • Gain an accurate understanding of user interests
  • to show them advertisements related to that data
  • There-Target person of page visitors in advertising on FB and Instagram

Ultra-precise targeting that had benefited from it Cambridge Analyticawhich caused a scandal by using the Facebook ecosystem to collect the personal data of 87 million internet users for political purposes.

Close-up of a pair of glasses

Comment function “Clear history” ?

The feature shows users which websites and apps are sending them information as they use them. The goal of “Clear History” is to give Facebook members the opportunity to “ssuppress [leurs] protect information and block access by third parties [leurs] Data and save them,” said Facebook privacy director Erin Egan. Thanks to this unique feature, any user can clear their Facebook history and cookies.

« In general, we can no longer set a goal with Clear History [les utilisateurs] as efficient as before “. Nowadays, the ads visible on the social network are personalized depending on the user. With this tool, by deleting their browsing history, the ads become generic and equal for everyone.

Certainly an interest for the people, but above all a great financial contribution for Facebook. Currently, 98% of the revenue generated by the site comes from targeting its users, which many advertisers are billed for.

Targeting data weakened by Clear History

On May 14, 2019, Facebook published an article aimed at reassuring advertisers. However, Facebook targeting will no longer be as effective.

“This feature may impact targeting. For users who have enabled the feature, targeting options are based on the Facebook tracking pixel, cannot be used. »

Specifically, some advertising features are at risk:

  • The retargeting: Custom audiences based on website or app visitors.
  • Le cracking of conversions from the advertiser

In summary, Facebook is urging companies to anticipate this major shift in the design of their marketing strategy.

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