Creating profitable Google Ads campaigns is easy

Want to get your business off the ground? Are you looking for an effective way to achieve your goal? Google Ads advertising campaigns can be very successful!

However, building a profitable campaign requires in-depth knowledge of Google Ads features AND marketing strategies. For this reason it is really advantageous to hire an SEA agency in Paris or elsewhere to optimize your return on investment (ROI).

For the bravest or the most knowledgeable, you can manage your SEA campaign and make it profitable by following these 7 steps.

Determine your goals

Of course, investing in sponsored links is all about making a profit.

But to be more specific, you need to set SMART goals.

What is your specific goal? Do you want to increase your traffic? your conversion rate? Would you like to increase your level of awareness? increase your sales? Or put your goal into action?

Each Google Ads campaign has its specific goal.

Do you know your goal? GOOD. So you need to set a value for it. What percentage of the conversion rate do you want to achieve? Or what sales volume?

Be ambitious, but not too ambitious. Your goal is achievable.

For your strategy to work, your budget and resources must be compatible with your goal.

Set a deadline to achieve what you set out to do.

Is your goal clearly defined? This makes it easier for you to analyze the benefits of your Google Ads campaign.

Address your target group in a targeted manner

One of the key elements to the profitability of your SEA strategy is accurately identifying your target audience. If you serve ads to a poorly targeted audience, you risk wasting your advertising budget and not getting the results you expect.

Targeting criteria like geography can help you reach users in regions where your business wants to grow. Or language targeting.

But establishing a persona is essential. You know the age, gender, level of education, lifestyle, taste, hobbies of your target group…

The more specific this persona is, the better your ads will reach their target audience. So get to know your audience.

Choose your keywords

You have set your budget and you know exactly what your goal is. You can now choose the most relevant keywords for your Google Ads campaign with comprehensive knowledge.

However, depending on your industry, the CPC (Cost Per Click) varies greatly. Therefore, the most important thing you need to consider is the potential ROI for each keyword.

A common strategy is to use a broad match. However, since this alignment is less relevant, you risk increasing costs without efficiently improving your results. So favor the exact match to increase profitability.

And for even more relevance, list the negative words. These are the terms that you exclude from your campaign. For example, if you sell high quality lights, you can exclude the wording “cheap”. As a result, your ads will only appear on searches that actually have a chance of converting into a sale.

Relevance is the keyword for any good Google Ads campaign. The choice of keywords is therefore of crucial importance.

Structure your campaign

Once your keywords are found, organizing them into related ad groups makes it easier for you to manage.

For simplicity:

  • At least 3 announcements per group;
  • one group per product;
  • one group per persona;
  • one campaign per objective;
  • and another campaign for display, search and remarketing.

Well-organized ads make it easy to track your results. This makes it easier for you to adjust based on what works and what doesn’t.

Choose your bid strategy

So far, so good. But now it gets complicated. If you are unsure, you can get help from a professional.

Because you have several options.

The CPC is the ideal strategy to attract visitors to your website. You manually set the amount you’re willing to pay for each click on your ad. You have full control.

You can choose to do so Optimized CPCand in this case, the bids are automatically adjusted by machine learning.

Le CPM visible is the cost per thousand impressions. You pay for your ad being viewed a thousand times. This strategy is interesting to increase your notoriety.

The target CPA (Cost Per Action or Per Acquisition) is the solution to increase conversions. You set a cost-per-acquisition, and Google adjusts bids to meet that goal.

Target ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) allows you to earn a minimum return. In this case, it’s more about profits than conversions.

Depending on your goal, budget, and expertise, some of these strategies will make more sense than others. It’s up to you to test what works for your business.

Offer attractive ads

Do you want to achieve your goals? Your ads are therefore written for them. The words you choose are strong and effective. Above all, however, they resonate with them.

On the agenda: clarity and conciseness.

You can also build in enticing special offers to encourage clicks. And add an incentive CTA (call to action).

A well-optimized ad can drive conversions without breaking your budget. Especially if you lack the budget to get your auctions to the top.

Track your campaigns

You just have to reap the benefits.

Well, not quite. Because in order to remain profitable, an advertising campaign must be analyzed in detail. And adjusted.

Check the CTR and conversion rate as regularly as possible. And adjust.

If the CTR is good but the conversion rate stays low, your landing page is probably the problem.

If the impression rate is high but the CTR isn’t increasing, your ad needs review.

Pay attention to your keywords. And adjust.

Adjust. Constant. Including your budget. Because the goal of a successful advertising campaign is to generate profit.

But be patient. Because it can take several months before the fruits of your efforts become visible.

In the meantime, you can also use social networks, an additional lever for SEA. Here, too, it is advisable to use a social ads agency for support.

And you can make your website more efficient and enjoyable. Because SEA only works if the UX (User Experience) is optimized. Don’t want to scare off your visitors with tedious download speed?

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