Metricool Notes

Metricool Notes

If as a social medium you usually have post-its everywhere, we have the functionality you need: Metricool Notes.

What is it made of? We tell you everything.

What are Metricool Notes?

Let’s put ourselves in the situation: the typical purchase note, the billboard that gave you a great idea for a post, a script for a YouTube video… all the notes you write down daily.

Well, imagine as social media all those things that you end up writing down and then don’t even know where you left them…

Metricool’s NotesYour great lifesaver when it comes time to jot down an idea from a post or social network, any last minute change, or leave a reminder useful to you or someone else on your team.

These annotations are intended to facilitate the management of your social networks or that of your customers and of course Communicate with members of your team or with customers themselves, always from Metricool.

Metricool Notes
Metricool planner with note includedA

Example of using Metricool notes

Ok, you do realize that Metricool Notes will be your best companion in planning your content…

But how to use it or what for. You can really try it yourself and leave notes in your control panel. If not, we will suggest an example for you to understand 100%:

It’s time to plan all the content for the month in Metricool You are aware that a new video will be published on your YouTube channel or a new blog post this month. Since they are not published, you cannot include them in the planning.

Without leaving Metricool, you have the option to leave a note to remind you that these posts are incomplete and you need to add more items: “Youtube link is missing”, “the blog post is missing”.

Just like a post-it: you already have a note with the changes you want to include in the posts, ideas that come to mind, or notes that you want to leave.

In addition, we have already mentioned If you work in a team or with your client, the notes are an excellent resource for communicating with them..

How to write a note in Metricool

Now that you know All about Metricool Notes It’s time to get to work and create your first annotation in the tool.

To do this, follow these steps!

  1. Enter Metricool.
  2. Go to “Planner” in the top menu.
  3. Create a new post under “Create new post” or click on one.
  4. Below is an icon in the form of a post-it.
  5. Click on it and write what you want in the text box.
  6. Click “Publish” and voila, you’ve already created your note.

To identify each post that has a note, a blue circle will appear over this icon.

Also, posts with a note appear in the planner when you select the Notes filter.

What if you want to see if note comments have been left by another team member? In the filter, highlight the from “Unread Notes”: This is how posts with notes from other users appear in the planner.

Metricool Notes

That’s how Metricool notes are. Remember to use them whenever you want to leave a message to another team member or client, any idea that popped into your head… whatever you need to make managing your work easier.

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