Computer failure in all AP-HP hospitals

Computer failure in all AP-HP hospitals

A computer failure impacted all AP HP hospitals on Wednesday, August 30. According to information from the editorial staff of France 3 Paris Île-de-France, access to medical records and messaging is no longer possible. It would be a component of the HP AP Data Center in question.

Network connections restored from 18:00

The failure was confirmed late in the day by AP-HP, describing a computer technical incident that occurred early in the afternoon, which prevented new connections to the internal network and messaging. ” Quickly identifying the cause of the incident, IT services restored network connections for 18 hours “reassures the AP-HP.

« The return to normality is now nearing completion. While this incident hampered the functioning of services, it had no impact on the safety of patient care. “Finish the AP-HP. The source of the problem was identified by the AP-HP teams in the late afternoon. The fault would come from a network component of the AP-HP Data Center according to France 3. This is not a cyber attack ” indicates the AP-HP press service to France 3. SAMU for its part was not affected because it has its own network.

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