AI transforms brand logos into highly realistic animals

AI transforms brand logos into highly realistic animals

Discover what the logos of the most famous brands would look like if their animals were brought to life thanks to AI.

Unsurprisingly, some companies have already embraced artificial intelligence (AI) research What would the logos of the most famous brands look like if the animals depicted in them were brought to life? thanks to this technology.

Is very difficult to work with children or animals To create logos or photos because they are not still. But this is not for artificial intelligence that manages to turn an animal drawn in a logo into a fully realistic animal.

This is what the logos of the most famous brands look like when their animals are brought to life thanks to AI

So a user on LinkedIn, Jesús Serrano decided to test four tools (including Midjourney) to check the strengths and weaknesses of artificial intelligence to create realistic logo animals.

According to Jesús Castro, he embarked on an exciting journey in the AI ​​Challenge bring iconic animal-based brand logos to life, achieving amazing realism. While experimenting with different AI models, he came across this difficult task to select the best results.

Jesus admits that Achieving an outstanding first result on each logo was a challenge in itself. Finding the right photography, pose, perspective and energy of the animal to faithfully mimic the logo required extraordinary effort and precision.

How will the AI ​​imagine the Ferrari or Puma logo?


Ferrari decides to take his iconic logo horse to another level by turning it into a majestic creature of large size, covered in black fur and in the same characteristic pose, but now over a body of water. Thanks to artificial intelligence the iconic red color it will be a evening skywhile the characteristic green turns into a huge one Meadow covered with lush grass.

Ferrari logo IA


Artificial intelligence restores that iconic cougar of the well-known logo and gives it a realistic transformation. Now the cat comes to life by leaping off a towering rock while mimicking the same dynamic pose as the original logo.

Logos puma IA

3. Twitter

Artificial intelligence changed Twitter’s blue bird transforms into a realistic hummingbird. The bird is shown in flight, with wings spread and slightly tilted upwards. keeps his famous blue color in the feathers that make the animal truly recognizable.

Logo Twitter and others


The essence of Elegance and whiteness persist in the famous Swarovski swan. Thanks to artificial intelligence, this famous swan is now transformed into a realistic animal swimming on the water in a cave. The result is a blend of beauty and realism that highlights the majesty of Swarovski’s iconic swan.

Logos Swarovski IA

5. Lacoste

The modest logo of the well-known brand Lacoste is undergoing a complete transformation. The use of artificial intelligence brings to life a completely different vision: a imposing predator, a dangerous crocodile that lurks on the riverbank, patiently waiting for prey to approach. This new representation contrasts drastically with the characteristic brand, offers an impressive and different picture.

Logos Lacoste ia


Artificial intelligence needs iconic panda bear of the brand and subjects it to a transformation resulting in a realistic animal. The adorable little bear turns into an amazing panda Eyes attract attention when looking directly at the camera. This new realistic representation of the panda gives a feeling of Authenticity and fascination to the original logo.

WWF IA logos

7. Abercrombie

Artificial intelligence once again demonstrates its precision by transforming the Abercrombie logo into a majestic moose, while maintaining the signature pose of the original design. AI reached Capture the moose’s size by adjusting its distinctive features and powerful presence to the brand logo. This change brings new energy and personality to the logo and emphasizes the connection with nature and power the symbol of the moose.

abercrombie ia logo


A well-known airline from Australia is also undergoing this change. Through the use of AI, the iconic kangaroo transforms into a realistic animal that maintains its iconic pose and hops across the vast savannah. This change gives you a new swing for the logo, The connection to Australian identity is maintained and the adventurous and energetic spirit is highlighted the airline.

as soon as you go

9. Bacardi

The logo of the brand experiences a radical transformation by transforming the bat into a huge and imposing animal. The new depiction shows the animal against the light, creating a captivating visual effect that makes it appear as if it is about to pounce on the viewer. This striking reinterpretation of the logo It conveys a sense of grandeur and power, captivating attention and leaving a lasting impression on those who behold it.


10th BP

The AI ​​takes the plain two-tone sunflower logo and turns it into a completely redesigned flower. The sunflower grows into a magnificent and colorful flower of enormous proportions It retains the two colors of the original but now with shocking realism. The AI ​​adds details such as shadows that add depth and life to the new rendering of the flower, creating an immersive image that stands out for its beauty.


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