SEOmmer Keywords Tool

SEOmmer Keywords Tool

SEOptimer’s keyword tool is available to all our clients
White label plan or ours White label and embed plan. There is no additional cost to use this tool and it is offered for free within your existing license.

The Keyword Tool is great for researching new content ideas for SEO. You can instantly see how keywords are ranking on your and competitor’s sites, and explore search results in different regions of the world.Seoptimer keyword research

There are two ways to research keywords:

  • Search by keywords: Enter the keywords one by one or enter multiple keywords at once (separated by commas).
  • Search by domain: Enter a URL and we’ll get all the keywords the site ranks for.

You can also set your country (which we work with). 70 countries) or you can select “Any Country” to search in all countries and languages. Countries where Google explicitly works in multiple languages ​​(e.g. Canada) have the ability to define languages ​​and filter by them.

In the example below, we’re searching for multiple keywords in the United States. The results show a higher monthly search volume for the terms or related terms that use the same keyword. For example, one of the keywords we searched for was “Malbec” with 27,100 monthly searches; during the termMerlot” showed 40,500 monthly searches:Keyword research wine

We also show the CPC (cost per click), a measure in USD of the estimated cost of that keyword if you were to use Google Ads to bid on those terms.

Finally, we list the competition level for each keyword: Low, Medium, and High. Ideally, you want to find keywords with high monthly search volume and low competition.

Each keyword has a blue “Results” on the right side of the table, which opens the search results for that keyword in the selected country. This is a great way to show the search engine results page (SERP) for any keyword (especially if you’re searching for keywords in other countries).Merlot results

The last column ofrail” contains checkboxes for each keyword. With it, you can add any chosen keyword to your keyword watchlists to track their performance over time.

When you’ve highlighted the keywords you want to track, press the orange button “rail” at the bottom of the list and the overlay will show you the websites you have already set up for keyword tracking. In the example below, you can see that three websites are already set up for keyword tracking. You can simply select one of these websites and the selected keywords will be added to your keyword tracking. Or you can also track the keywords of a new website:Track keywords on the site

As with most SEOptimer data tables, you can export all the data in the table to CSV, Excel or PDF using the buttons at the top of the table. or search in the table to filter specific keywords (very useful when you have many results, like in the previous example).

The second way to use the Keyword Tool is to search for domain and enter a URL:keyword tracking website

Similar to searching by keywords, this search method can be done for a single country or any country. Along with monthly search volume and competition, we also list rank and estimated traffic. Since you are searching by domain, we can find the SERP position of any page within the domain. Based on the monthly search volume, we can then provide an estimated traffic figure.

This screen also allows you to open the SERP or select multiple keywords to add to keyword tracking.

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