AFC Richmond has never felt so realLLLLLITL

AFC Richmond has never felt so realLLLLLITL


Bringing together two entertainment giants in the most authentic way possible.

FIFA 23 from EA Sports is the world’s most popular and best-selling sports video game, featuring over 700 REAL teams from around the world. The game prides itself on its authenticity to the sport and its teams/players by getting more and more REAL every year. Similarly, since the launch of Emmy Award winner Ted Lasso, the show’s marketing has treated Ted and his team, the AFC Richmond, like a REAL team by doing things like posting tailored postgame interviews based on the games being played. played on the show and creating Twitter accounts around the world for Ted and other key characters.


AFC Richmond and its manager, Ted Lasso, became the first fully fictional team playable in FIFA. For players to accept that, it couldn’t feel like a brand endorsement. Which meant no show branding. Ted’s official (in-world) Twitter account kicked off the partnership with a teaser post featuring the back of his head receiving a 360º motion capture scan. Thousands of Ted and FIFA fans immediately started posting and speculating about the possibility that Ted and AFC Richmond were actually in the game. The next day, a launch video confirmed the partnership, garnering 7 million views on its first day alone and trending across multiple social platforms.


To take Ted Lasso’s in-world marketing to the next level, Ted Lasso has teamed up with the most important place a REAL team can ever show up: FIFA 23, the biggest sports video game in the world. This made AFC Richmond the first fictional football team to be allowed into the game, which is known for its authenticity and becomes more and more REAL with each release. RUNNING Campaign launch: 20 September 2022. Global release in the FIFA 23 game, with Ted Lasso and all AFC Richmond players featured as playable characters. FIFA 23/Apple worked with the show’s writers to develop authentic player rating statistics based on each character’s playstyle and story arc within the show. Marketing materials have been rolled out globally via FIFA 23 and Ted Lasso social channels.


– 13.2 billion average impressions earned in the first 30 days. – 17th most played team in FIFA (out of over 700 REAL teams). – Over 2,000 articles written globally about the partnership. – With no paid media, the partnership had more hype on social media than when the show, Ted Lasso, won 4 Emmy Awards. – Streaming of Ted Lasso on Apple TV+ increased by 35%.



Brands: Apple (Cupertino, USA) and EA Sports (Redwood City, USA). Production: EA Sports (Redwood City, USA) and Warner Bros (Los Angeles, USA).


Creative Direction / Strategy: « Apple Apple ».

and at Sports

Vice President of Branding: David Jackson. Head of Creative, EA SPORTS: Paul Marr. Director of Strategy: Ben Prout. Brand Marketing Director: Kevin Strunk.

Warner Bros

Senior Vice President, Legal and Business: Jen Stump. Vice President, Business Development and Licensing: Ben Elliott. Vice-President, Liquidation and Integration: Lora Ducat. Vice President, Legal Affairs: Aaron Lowenstein.


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