Advertising battle between McDonald's and Burger King thanks to ChatGPT

Advertising battle between McDonald’s and Burger King thanks to ChatGPT

The rivalry between McDonald’s and Burger King is well known and we have seen many examples of it. Thanks to a campaign launched by McDonald’s in Brazil a few days ago, artificial intelligence is now coming into play in this fight. And what was it made of? Basically, fast food company ChatGPT asked what the most famous burger in the world was, to which the tool replied, “It’s probably the Big Mac.”

The agency modeled an advertisement with the reaction of artificial intelligence and placed it on the streets of several cities in Brazil. Meanwhile, Burger King didn’t want to miss the opportunity to respond to its competitor using the same tool. In this case, the question to ChatGPT was “And which is the biggest?” and received the answer “The Burger King Whopper”. The matter has generated a lot of conversation both at home and abroad as the whole story has gone viral on social media.

Beyond the kind of promotional “fights” we’re used to between these two brands, it’s really impressive how quickly the David São Paulo agency reacted, managing to respond to the McDonald’s campaign just one day after theirs to create appearances .

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