A major new algorithmic update has been deployed!

Just two months after the last update to Google’s core algorithm aimed at optimizing natural search results, Google announced, on October 5, 2023, the implementation of a new major update to its algorithm. As usual, the latter is expected to finish its deployment in about two weeks.

Google Core update

A new update unrelated to spam or helpful content update?

Just a few days after the launch of the October 2023 Spam update, and just a few weeks after the September 2023 Helpful Content update and the August 2023 Core update, Google announced a new Core update.

What surprises the SEO community is that it was launched less than two months after the last such update finished rolling out (which completed its implementation on September 7, 2023), which is unprecedented in the history of Google algorithm updates.

Google, however, confirmed his tweets associated with the ad What This update has nothing to do with the previous two.

Why an update so close to the previous one?

Although Google does not justify the reasons that pushed it to implement a new Core Update only a month after the end of the implementation of the previous one, this new update could return to some parameters that have led to a notable emphasis on UGC sites like LinkedIn, Reddit or even Quora in Google search results, although it is still too early to judge the impact of this new update.

This new version may also demonstrate that Google wasn’t entirely satisfied with the impact of the latest version…

Is your traffic decreasing? How do you know if you’ve been affected by the Spam update or the October Core update?

Normally we try to separate updates like this, but this is not always possible. But for those trying to understand the changes, it’s pretty simple. If you’re not spamming and you see changes, it may be the major update. If you’re sending spam and notice changes, it’s probably the spam update.

(…) Sites that do not practice spam should not see any changes due to this update.

Today we released a major update. This update is different from the anti-spam update. This is an overall improvement in our ranking. Many sites will not see any changes due to this update, which has nothing to do with spam.


In summary, if your site uses techniques considered spam by Google (automatic content generation, cloaking, etc.), there is a greater chance that the spam update is impacting your site.

Conversely, if you don’t practice this type of technique but your site has still been negatively impacted, there’s a good chance your site will be affected by the Core update.

That said, some sites that were negatively impacted, for no obvious reason, by Google’s previous core algorithm update may also benefit from this newly implemented version.

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