12 great examples of hotels advertising and keys to success

12 great examples of hotels advertising and keys to success

Contrary to what traditional marketing suggests, today’s travelers don’t want to be hassled to make a hotel reservation. For people to feel connected to a host brand, it is essential that they feel inspired, listened to, guided and informed; however, this is not an easy task, especially considering that the tourism sector is highly competitive; however, it’s not impossible either.

To conquer the tourist public and travelers it is necessary to make use of various marketing techniques, such as the creation of SEO optimized content, email campaigns, publications on social networks, effective and centralized communication with customers, supported by a CRM for hotels which allows you to manage the dates and availability of the accommodation business, among others. All of this, of course, accompanied by skilful advertising campaigns.

Below we will show you 12 examples of hotels that have been able to exploit advertising and all the details we have mentioned, which will certainly serve as the basis for creating your business strategy.

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1. Marriott International

It is a luxury hotel chain, almost a century old, of American origin and which has more than 8,000 hotels in 139 countries. A few years ago, it launched the “Booking directly is convenient” campaign, which in Spanish would mean “It is worth reservar directamente”, in which it encouraged customers to book on the hotel page where they had better prices, instead of doing so through platforms or agencies of online travel.

advertising hotels: Marriott

Image of Marriot Bonvoy

Similarly, in 2019 it created Marriott Bonvoy, which replaces its three brands: Marriott Rewards, Starwood Preferred Guest and The Ritz-Carlton Rewards. It consists of a loyalty program that offers hotel members 120,000 experiences in more than 1,000 destinations, which are detailed on its website as part of its tourism marketing strategy, especially on its blogs.

What is the success of this hotel advertising example?

It has been a great success for Marriott to show customers that their reservations were cheaper if they booked directly with them; as well as creating Marriott Bonvoy, with a specialized content strategy to drive sightseeing tours in areas where the brand has receptive coverage.


Whether it’s a small hotel or a large hotel, there are details that make a big difference when it comes to generating customers. In this case we see BA SOHOTEL using the button provided by Facebook to connect it to WhatsApp Business. In this way, visitors to your profile will contact you in this way to clarify doubts, check availability or book a room.

advertising hotel example BA SOHOTEL


What is the success of this hotel advertising example?

Immediacy is very important today, so this direct link to communicate with the company and get a quick response is crucial for future guests. Some other hotels put the words “Book” or “Call”. To better manage your messages and calls, it is essential to have a Free CRM software and thus not losing customers.

3. Patagonia Ecocamp

According to the magazine Travel + Leisure, Ecocamp is ranked 32nd among the best hotels in the world. It is located in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile. It is characterized by its organic domes to welcome its guests, as well as having an entire ecological system, based on water and solar energy to minimize the environmental footprint.

hotel advertising: Ecocamp Patagonia

Image of Ecocamp Patagonia

What is the success of this hotel advertising example?

And 82% of travellers said the pandemic has made them prefer to travel more responsibly, with 72% saying travel should support local communities and economies, preserve cultural heritage and protect the planet. So the very concept of the hotel is the key to its advertising, because it responds to these interests.

4. Samora luxury resort

Located in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Samora is a luxury hotel that is very active on social media; especially on Instagram, where he shares videos of the interiors of his facilities and their sea views to attract the attention of his followers, who number more than 199,000.

advertising hotels: Samora Luxury Resort

Image of Samora luxury resort

What is the success of this hotel advertising example?

Their photographs and videos are very professional and contribute greatly to promoting all the services offered by the hotel: swimming pools, organic food, boarding for animals, spa, organization of weddings, among others. In addition to having its own hashtag: #Samoraexperience.

5. Anantara Villa Padierna Resort

This hotel located in southern Spain used influencer marketing to boost its branding on social networks. In this case he chose the Galician Alexandra Pereira, who started her blog Lovely Pepa and today has a strong presence on the web, with 2.2 million followers on Instagram alone.

advertisement for hotel: Anantara Villa Padierna Resort

Image of Alexandra Perera

What is the success of this hotel advertising example?

The lifestyle of the brand ambassador influencer and the luxury hotel complement each other perfectly, so it’s not seen as forced advertising; so Pereira’s followers can easily be interested in staying there.

6. The standard

The distinctive American chain is aimed at a young clientele with a party spirit, present in the cities of Miami, New York, London, Ibiza, the Maldives, Hua Hin and Bangkok. As a hotel advertising strategy, the link in his Instagram bio offers a 15% discount on the first stay to people who subscribe to his newsletter.

how to advertise hotels: the standard

Image of The standard

What is the success of this hotel advertising example?

Discounts are surefire way to attract more customers. Furthermore, in this way it obtains the contact details of the people interested in your brand, in particular their email, and manages them with a Hotel CRM. From this software The Standard can send you offers, information on events and openings, promotions and news. Without a doubt, the ideal way to convert them from leads into guests.

7. Eastern Mandarin

“I’m a Fan” is an advertising campaign for this hotel chain that dates back to 1999; in it they have included notable public figures from different countries who are self-declared fans of Mandarin Oriental. For example, in the most recent of his videos we find actors like the English Dev Patel or the American Lucy Liu.

Videos of oriental mandarin

What is the success of this hotel advertising example?

What stands out the most about this campaign is that they are looking for top-notch influencers so that people from various parts of the world recognize someone, especially those from their country, and the hotel gets recognition. In order for these ads to be even more successful and to spread the content on different platforms, such as social networks, the help of a professional is needed. commercialization of the software.

8. The Westin Palace Madrid

Considered a World Heritage Site, The Westin Palace Madrid uses a marketing strategy for international hotels: it publishes all the texts of its posts on Facebook, both in Spanish and in English. This also applies to your Instagram profile.

hotel advertising - examples West Palace

Image of The Westin Palace Madrid

What is the success of this hotel advertising example?

As it is an iconic hotel in Spain, it is visited by people from all over the world and as English is the most spoken language, the chances of more people understanding its publications are multiplied. So using this language on your channels is a great way to break down language barriers.

9. Palladium hotel group

Unlike the other examples in this list, in this case the Palladium Hotel Group advertising was not aimed at the final consumer, but at other companies or businesses that wanted to be associated with the brand, mainly travel agencies. To do this, he created a video in which he explained the benefits of this B2B (business to business) relationship.

videos of Palladium hotel group

What is the success of this hotel advertising example?

The video format is very popular with people to better understand any topic, so inviting new members through animations made the offer dynamic and attractive; With this, the Palladium Hotel Group has added points in its favor.

10. Eurostars hotels

The chain has 241 hotels in 21 countries, mainly in Europe and America. In 2018 he created the “Let yourself go” campaign, which tells the story of two friends who have to complete a list of places to visit, one in Berlin and the other in Paris. The protagonists are the influencers Marta Escalante and Tutti Márquez.

Videos of Eurostars hotels

What is the success of this hotel advertising example?

Influencer marketing applied to hotel advertising is a good strategy to connect the followers of both internet figures with those of the hotel and vice versa. Likewise, in the video you can see that the service has the same quality in both cities.

11. Surya Pan Hotel Refugio

Surya-Pan Hotel Refúgio is a Brazilian hotel that has come up with a very funny idea of ​​how to advertise that pets are welcome in their spaces, especially dogs. For this he turned to the influencer dogs: Golden Frederico, Julieta Pelo Mundo, Armandinho and Nina.

Example of hotel advertising: Surya-Pan Hotel Refúgio

Image of Frederick of Gold

What is the success of this hotel advertising example?

Pet lovers are very likely to follow this type of account, so when they request a pet friendly hosting service in that area, they will consider the Surya-Pan Hotel Refúgio.

12. Hotel Bacalike

Reviews and recommendations are a key part of a brand’s reputation. The Bacalike Hotel knows this and for this reason it has published this positive testimony of one of its customers on its Instagram account.

Examples of hotel advertising: Bacalike

Image of Bacalike hotel

What is the success of this hotel advertising example?

For any customer, especially first-time bookers, it’s essential to know a little more about the brand to make sure you don’t waste your money. Therefore, seeing positive comments about the service helps a lot in the purchase decision.

We have come up with this list of hotels so far. Put into practice the hotel marketing strategies that best suit your key customers and that help you highlight your competitive advantages; so you can position your business on the web and maximize its profitability.

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Originally published November 30, 2022, updated November 30, 2022

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