New social networks with blockchain to earn money

▷ New social networks with blockchain to earn money

This is the time to stand out and ride the wave before everyone else. The new decentralized social networks using blockchain technology are already here and I will introduce them to you.

New social networks with the blockchain make money

It is new social networks with blockchain They allow you to earn money (cryptocurrencies, tokens and even dollars and euros) while using them and they change the business model by decentralizing the system and keeping the community in control.

These new social networks are evolving rapidly and we will see how they behave and evolve over the coming months and years.

In this article I collect the most important and those where I see the greatest potential.

💵 List of new social networks powered by blockchain technology that you can use to make money

  1. HIVE Ecosystem: The one with the greatest potential and the one that gives you the most options. Games, NTFs, blogs, video platforms… you need to take some time to understand it
  2. ECENCY: Great minimalist design with lots of potential for writing articles. You can earn $5 a day by writing a simple article. I am using the content of my new newsletter.
  3. Earn money for writing articles. You can also make around $5 a day by writing a simple article. I am using the content of my new newsletter.
  4. STEEMIT: Simple and perfect for creating content, making money and reading content. Similar to the previous ones.
  5. COS.TV: Make money by uploading videos like YouTube. Watch me videos too. Make frequent use of gamification.
  6. 3SPEAK: Incredible potential and allows you to make even more money by uploading videos.
  7. BASTYON: To understand something complex
  8. BITTUBE.TV: Design a bit simple. You can use it to earn money by uploading videos.
  9. This metaverse-focused social network has a lot of potential.
  10. PUBLISH0X: Poor design with lots of advertising for publishing content.
  11. BITCLOUT: Very active social network with a large community that allows you to create your own cryptocurrency.
  12. Social network for writing posts. Access is currently by invitation only.
  13. DIASPORA: Too open source for geeks and hard to understand for newbies, making it difficult to grow.
  14. MINDS: A bit strange and it makes me a bit uneasy that they so often encourage paying to use it.
  15. MASTODON: Difficult to understand.

Use some of these social networks gamification So that people spend more time and we can learn certain strategies to use on our websites or in our company.

Additionally more traditional social networks as TwitterInstagram or Reddit also enter the world of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Even Facebook (now meta) with his metaverso will use this technology together with artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

And there are more and more social networks looking for changes As in the case of Truth Social, currently only available in the US.

🎓 tutorial to make money from writing articles

👍 Benefits of using the new social networks

You will be able Reserve your username since we are in the beginning moments and few people still know them.

On the other hand, you can Position yourself as a reference By learning to use them before everyone else, you stand a better chance of standing out when the people boom comes.

You have to be very attentive and seize the opportunity chance now that there is no competition to start using them.

The world of cryptocurrencies is still in its infancy and some cryptocurrencies have great potential. As is already the case with Bitcoin, some cryptocurrencies can now become real gold mines in a few years.

Another great benefit is the use of privacy that puts users in control.

👎 Disadvantages of using the new social networks

You must now learn to use these new social networks Familiarize yourself with new concepts like wallet, blockchain, decentralized, token, cryptocurrency, NFT… This blockchain dictionary can help you.

Possibly some new social networks disappear Or they don’t grow as expected. So if you decide to invest a lot of time into one of these, you might end up not seeing any results.

However, the decentralization of networks and blockchain technology also bring much more security means more responsibility Because if you lose the access codes, sometimes you can lose them forever. It’s recommended to use tools like LastPass that allow you to store passwords and data in a single place.

📋 Conclusions

Sign up and try it out These new social networks can set you apart and give you knowledge that few people currently have.

Spend at least an afternoon checking out these social networks and see what’s happening there. Pick one and devote some more time to it.

Read some interesting articles and educate yourself.

Reuse content you use on other networks to be more productive by starting with something you’ve already measured results from.

Do you know more? What do you think?

If you think this article can help someone, please share.


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