Why copywriting is such a sought-after profession

Why copywriting is such a sought-after profession

Why copywriting is such a sought-after professionMaybe you’ve already noticed and that’s why you’re here: Copywriters are wanted. Yes, copywriting is a highly sought-after profession. Now.

The reasons are obvious:

    • Never before have so many companies been founded on-line.
    • Never before have so many writing professionals been in demand on the market.
    • And of course it has never been more important to use words to express how good something or someone is.

Companies are finally realizing that all of these texts have a brutal impact on their bottom line and that not everyone can write them.

For this reason, just like hiring an analyst, a consultant or an accountant, they have understood that the copywriter is an integral part of their staff.

Are you aware of all the doors this data opens?

Open doors in the copywriting industry

If you’re not typical, you have to prove it

There are currently more than three million small businesses registered in Spain, with hundreds of thousands more joining every year.

And without exception, all companies in every industry need texts.

What does that mean? In virtually unlimited work for experts in persuasive writing.

Think about it: real estate agents, clinics, consulting firms… To stand out from the competition, everyone needs someone to write their ads, emails or social media posts with expertise.

Because we have a problem: Everyone on the internet says the same thing. And what’s worse is that even identical expressions are used:

  • “We are leading professionals in our industry.”
  • “We do everything for you.”
  • “Take your business to the next level.”
  • “5-star customer service.”
  • “The best solution to your problems”.
  • “We have a multidisciplinary team.”
  • “The lowest prices”.
The network is flooded with content and 97% of it looks exactly the same.

The content on the web is practically the same

And I’ll tell you something: it’s one thing to be a good copywriter and quite another to be a good copywriter who makes a living from your business.

There is a gulf between the two options and many stick to the first, where no one disagrees.

The result? A marketing invisible that damages your credibility through hackneyed clichés and stereotypes.

Why train as a copywriter?

You see, no matter how much you know about the business or have the best product in the world, If you don’t know how to write good texts, you’re lost. As a copywriter and as an entrepreneur.

And yes, the only way to avoid this is the most obvious: Learn start and run a real business.

Because copywriting can not only make you stand out with your words, but also help you achieve your most ambitious goals.

Especially if you identify with one of these situations:

    • You are passionate about writing and want it to become your main source of income.
    • You want to reinvent yourself in a well-paying and in-demand profession.
    • They strive for more freedom, whether as a freelancer or as a remote worker.

The truth is, all you need to be a copywriter is a computer, an internet connection, and a good system. One that helps you research, observe, and listen, but also understand your prospects’ desires, frustrations, aspirations, and fears.

The possibilities that can arise later are diverse, because the spectrum is very large. Take a look at all of these copywriter branches:

  • direct response copywriting;
  • web copywriting;
  • SEO Copywriter;
  • copy for social networks;
  • brand copywriter;
  • technical writing;
  • Specialized in email marketing;
  • Copywriting specialized in niches.

The best thing is that in every area They turn visitors into subscribers, readers into customers who buy, and those customers into brand advocates who drive new sales.

Isn’t that what all companies want?

I realize that the road to stability as a copywriter can be quite expensive, especially when starting from scratch. But if I were to scale the list of pros and cons, to me the positive bias justifies all the efforts, fears, and insecurities.

In short: an apprenticeship puts you in a position to achieve what every company wants.

But… where do I start?

How to learn the ability of the moment

You learn to dance by dancing, you learn to cook by cooking… And how to write?

Exactly: You learn to write by writing.

No inspiration or creativity: it’s just a matter of method.

Because contrary to what you’ve always been taught, Copywriting is more of a science than an art.

The most important thing is to break the barrier of fear that is preventing you from taking the first step.

So Today I invite you to pave the way through practice (But you can also start by reading this other blog article: “Want to Become a Copywriter and Get Your First Clients?: The Complete Guide to Getting Started”).

I am sure that after doing this you will find that you are also able to write well, write quickly and write relevant texts that no one can easily ignore.

Got everything ready to untie the wrist?

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