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Want to know what the SEO trends are for 2023? Would you like to apply market intelligence strategies in your company? Do you know the latest social media news that you need to know to get noticed this year?

In these TOP 5 you will find the answers to these questions and much more. Read on and discover the selection of the 5 most interesting April articles on the topic of marketing and sales.

I hope you enjoy reading! 📚

Article 1 – The keys to SEO in 2023: latest trends and updates

SEO is still one of the main tools to improve the positioning of websites at search engines. However, trends and updates are always changing, which is why it is crucial to stay up to date with the latest developments.

Between main trends in SEO for 2023, the following stand out:

  • The growing importance of voice search and visual search.
  • The need to focus on user experience to improve search engine rankings.
  • Using artificial intelligence to search for keywords and optimize content.

If you want to go into detail about each of them, read this SEOCOM article

Item 2 – Market Intelligence: A guide to knowing your market

By definition, market intelligence refers to the Collection and analysis of relevant information about the market and competitors. This strategy enables companies to make informed strategic decisions, gain competitive advantage and expand.

In this article, Salesforce has prepared some practical advice for use in a effective way. Some of them are:

  • How to define clear goals
  • Appropriate data sources
  • How to train the team to interpret and use the information gathered

If you want to learn more about how you can use market insights in your company, don’t miss this Salesforce article.

Article 3 – Research, ethics, funding and public opinion: an x-ray of the state of artificial intelligence

ai-index-2023-report-artificial-intelligenceArtificial intelligence is currently a topic of debate in both public opinion and the business world. Due to the great interest in this topic, the AI ​​Index Report is produced annually to understand the current state of AI technology worldwide.

In this article Reasonwhy introduces the conclusions of the 8 main points of the KI-Index Report 2023. These points include:

  1. Investing and funding in AI
  2. Advances in AI and related technologies
  3. AI in industry and business
  4. Ethics and responsibility in AI
  5. Government Regulations and Policies
  6. AI in education and employment
  7. Use of AI in health and medicine
  8. AI and the COVID-19 pandemic

To learn more about each of these points, you can access Reasonwhy’s full article at this link.

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Item 4 – 10 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for SEO

If you’re a marketing professional, you know that working on SEO optimization can be challenging challenging task and sometimes, Takes up a lot of time.

But don’t worry, there are Google Chrome extensions that can make your working life easier. SEMRUSH presents us with the The 10 best extensions for Chrome. Now, learn how these tools work from metric analysis to content optimization save you a lot of time and simplify your work. So don’t miss this Semrush article.

To see the full list, I invite you to check out the article at this link.

Item 5 – The social media news you need to know to shine in 2023

instagram notes newsThe world of social media is constantly evolving and changing. New trends and features emerge every year, transforming the way people interact online.

These are some of the Trends for 2023 that could reach our screens:

  • Speech-Based Social Networks
  • Increased emphasis on privacy and security
  • User-generated content is becoming even more relevant
  • Increased use of augmented reality
  • Growing importance of social networks in e-commerce

To know all the trends and learn more about the mentioned ones, we suggest you read this article from Oinkmygod.

And so far the TOP 5 of April! We hope you found it interesting, and if you’ve read other relevant industry news, please feel free to share it in the comments section!

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Originally posted on May 4th, 2023

Checked and validated by Susana Meijomil, Inbound Content Manager at InboundCycle

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