This is what won't allow you to get better at writing (and it's not technique or practice)

This is what won’t allow you to get better at writing (and it’s not technique or practice)

This new content about The 5 Qualities Nobody Talks About to Be Better at Copywriting I didn’t see it coming until ten days ago when I saw the face of my almost six year old son on a roller coaster at an amusement park in France.

roller coaster

I chose this place because I knew the whole family would enjoy the plan, but deep down, I was the one who wanted to be there the most.

For days I was looking for that cocktail of strong emotions so characteristic of these places. Speed. The euphoria. That pleasant fear and desire to conquer challenges that you feel so deeply after spinning at a hundred and a few miles per hour.

Imagine being accompanied by a child driving something like this for the first time in their life.

On the drive back, I opened my notebook and started jotting down everything that came to my mind. What I’ve been learning from my children since 2017 and how it relates to the ability to write copywriting better.

Why won’t you ever see me asking anyone what I need to do or how much I should charge for something I haven’t done yet? You’ll see that it has nothing to do with trust, although that’s important too.

What am I doing to get into a state of flow in my work that allows me to create content faster than average and have the agility to see in a copy what others don’t see? Yes, it’s experience, but it’s also about something else that you don’t realize now.

What ingredient do you need to work on to avoid creating content that doesn’t sound like more of the same? Don’t think about creativity, let’s move on.

If you enjoyed the podcast on the art of saying no, you’ll enjoy this one even more.

And I know it from the feeling I had that Sunday.

That moment when you turn off the mic and say, “This is different.”

This is very helpful and a sign of it:

  • People who go on autopilot.
  • Those who are fed up with seeing everything I see on the internet in some niche and that makes me snort and do it with an ease that is frightening.

In this episode I also talk about something very deep that I admire about the most successful professionals, Have you noticed what makes them different?

So take this episode for what it is:

My field notes on how to excel in each discipline.

You can also listen to it in audio format from the Writing to Sell podcast.

As you get better at copywriting, you’ll find that it’s not just about:

  • Technology
  • tactics
  • strategy
  • practice

All of these are important (in fact, the first two dots are easiest to replace with a Artificial intelligence).

If you’ve already mastered them, perfect! But what else should not be missing in your everyday life?

With each of their tricks, my children are aware of what to look out for:

  • [3:20] 1# Astonishment – Why you need to marvel at the reality that surrounds you if you want to get better at what you do.
  • [10:59] 2# courage – How you can use your content to help challenge your audience’s opinion on a given topic.
  • [14:31] 3# Creativity – 5 tricks I learned from my kids to be even more creative in my work (goodbye imposter syndrome).
  • [17:56] 4# obsession – How to get into a creative flow faster and see in a commercial text what others don’t see to make it more effective.
  • [24:20] 5# fun – How to take creative risks when writing to stand out and not stay in the obvious.

I’ve been careful to give this new episode a twist so what I’m about to tell you isn’t something you’ve read or heard twenty times before.

I’ve included a few stories that I’m sure will remind you of similar moments or make you think of similar moments you’ve had.

What trait I talked about surprised you the most or that you most want to encourage? I read you below.

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