Which review sites should I choose?

Which review sites should I choose?

Review sites post user reviews of a product or service to indicate their satisfaction. It is estimated that 70% of consumers read reviews before choosing a product, and 60% of them will abandon the purchase if the rating is less than 3.5/5.

Google and Facebook account for the lion’s share, but there are many other specific review sites that can boost a business’ visibility.

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Niche Review Sites

Some review sites focus on separate products and services. The choice of platform therefore depends on your field of activity and your geographical location.

If you’re into personalized travel, try targeted sites like Objectif Vie en Van that compare van rentals. This platform lists the agencies according to their location, the type of vans available, the customer reviews and the prices offered.

If you sell computer hardware, the hardware.fr platform is a good option. This site provides a discussion forum between users of different products to allow them to share their respective experiences.

There are also review sites for real money online casino operators. If you are based in Canada you can contact the local CasinoEnLigne platform. The latter is based on criteria such as the different types of bonuses offered, the games available, the payment methods, the customer service or the security of the sites.

It should also be noted that choosing a review site is not only based on the niche of your business, but also on a number of criteria.

selection criterion

An established company uses a review site to improve the quality of its services. And for this reason, it must be ensured that each additional campaign can bring added value. Before you register on an online review site, you need to consider the following points:

Awareness and traffic on the website

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Of course, the most popular platforms attract more internet users than the lesser-known ones. For example, in travel, TripAdvisor leads the way with 164.4 million visits, while Kayak, its direct competitor, has just 41.8 million visits.


The level of awareness of a review site is considered a criterion for reliability. In addition, the profile of users, the variety of experiences, and the number and dates of releases are elements on which we need to focus.

The usability of the website

The website interface must be clear and the navigation fluid. Ease of use is exemplified by elements such as site responsiveness and regular updates. Ease of use, for example, helps increase average visit time per user while reducing bounce rate.

Business valuation tools aim to maintain or improve the quality of the services offered, but also to maintain market share. Many companies engage in this process to increase their sales and ensure their longevity in the marketplace.

According to studies, an average product review can increase a company’s sales by 37%. In addition, there are other indicators to measure performance and ensure the sustainability of a company. This includes finance, organizational strengths, social responsibility and more.

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