What is the reach of Instagram in 2024

What is the reach of Instagram in 2024

What is the engagement and reach of Instagram in 2024

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Did you know that Instagram (IG) was launched in 2010 and on the same day of launch the application became the most downloaded in the Apple Store? Today it is one of the most popular social networks, however there are questions that many people ask, such as what is the reach of Instagram in 2024?

How to extend the reach of your Instagram stories

This question resonates for different sectors, but mainly for marketing and advertising professionals, since it helps them understand the effectiveness of their campaigns, identify target audiences and of course… make strategic decisions!

So without further ado, we share the answer and some extra information about it.

What is reach in social networks and why is it important?

To better understand what we are talking about when we talk about scope and its importance, we will make a brief summary.

What is scope?

According to the portal Buffer, reach a metric that measures the number of unique people who viewed multimedia content. For example, if an IG post has a reach of 37 thousand, it means that the post was seen by 37 thousand unique people.

This is highly relevant, as in addition to being a top-of-the-funnel social media metric that should be included in MKT reports, it is a key indicator of how many people your content is reaching and how many are having contact with it. your brand, helping to compare the effectiveness of different types of publications on different social networks.

What is scope

Once we know this, let’s take a look at how Instagram’s reach is going in 2024 and what awaits us in digital matters with this platform.

Instagram reach in 2024

To talk about Instagram’s reach in 2024, it is key to bring another of Meta’s members to the table: Facebook. This will help us make comparisons and draw a panorama between both social networks.

Facebook vs. Instagram Reach

Currently, in terms of users, Facebook is in the lead with 3,049 million, while Instagram has stagnated: there is no significant growth compared to last year. Today it has approximately 2 billion users, falling below the other platform.

However, Instagram is positioned as the public’s favorite as it is indicated by 16.5% of the global market; while users are not so enthusiastic about using Facebook: the percentage of users who consider it their favorite network has decreased (14.2% in 2023 vs 12.8% in 2024), according to a specialized portal.

What is the reach of Instagram in 2024?

If we focus on Instagram’s reach in 2024, we should know that it has presented a year-on-year decrease of 18%, while Facebook has had a small increase.

What exactly do the figures say?

  • As of early 2023, Instagram had an average reach rate of 9.34%, while Facebook’s average reach rate was 4.32%.
  • Throughout 2023, Instagram’s average reach rate decreased, reaching 7.60% in early 2024.
  • Facebook’s organic reach rate, on the other hand, has improved slightly, going from 4.32% to 5.90% in 2024.

Difference between reach and engagement

Let’s remember that reach represents the total number of viewers that the publication you made had with respect to your total audience; while engagement by reach refers to how many interactions the publication has obtained among its viewers.

Instagram engagement and reach in 2024

We must also know that publications are generally only seen by a fragment of their followers, therefore the participation rate by reach is a more specific way of obtaining participation data.

Instagram is registering a higher engagement rate than Facebook, with an average of 4.55%, while Facebook registers values ​​with a maximum of 1.45%, according to Insider information on social networks.

It should be noted that to obtain this information, an analysis of posts on Facebook and IG social networks was carried out between January 2023 and January 2024 and other social networks other than those mentioned were not included.

Should I use Instagram in my marketing strategies?

The answer is a resounding yes, in addition to the data on Instagram engagement in 2024, the reality is that the use of social networks as a business strategy today is not an option, it is part of any brand, especially B2C ones.

Although it is not a natural traffic driver, it does increase visits to our offline sites when the person wants to know in depth about our brand; Furthermore, due to its practicality it can be used from any device.

Among its best benefits, it stands out that it generates affinity between the brand and users, this means that it makes them feel closer and strengthens the bond.

Although we know that IG is characterized by the publication of photographs, images and videos about finished products and services, we must be aware that it is also relevant to publish content in which you can see the team behind the brand, how a product is prepared, how it is planned, its inputs, etc.; This fosters trust and transparency.

Ready to revisit your strategy taking into account this data and Instagram’s reach in 2024? Tell us about your experience with this social network and if it is useful to achieve your marketing objectives!

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