Vodafone offers unlimited content for back to school

Vodafone offers a €5 discount per month for new users who subscribe to the Vodafone One Unlimited Duo rate.

Vodafone Motivate your customers to tackle back to school” launching your campaign in the best possible way «serial orphans«. The telecommunications company launches the “back to school” offer in which new customers who sign up for the The Vodafone One Unlimited Duo tariff will have a discount of €5 per month, In addition to having a wide range of free devices, ranging from smartphones, laptops or tablets, aa 55″ Smart TV.

The name of the campaign comes from that unpleasant feeling that people often experience at that moment finish watching that series that you liked so much, feeling even worse when it comes to a series that we enjoyed with friends or family, knowing that those moments all together in front of the television will no longer be part of our days. However, Vodafone tries to fight this feeling by offering a wide range of Vodafone TV content, which includes the streaming platforms HBO Max, Disney+ and Prime Video.

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Vodafone offers free devices

To also communicate the suggestive offer of free devices that Vodafone offers by purchasing the Vodafone One Unlimited Duo tariff, the company has created three further actions along the lines of “Serie Orfani”, born with the idea of ​​preventing its customers from being , “orphaned devices» so that they can enjoy all the content that is offered to them.

The campaign was created in collaboration with the creative agency Ms. Rushmore, launching for television three concept runs in 30″ and 20″ and 3 device runs in 20″ and 10″ which will be broadcast on linear TV channels, in major cinemas in Spain and on the operator’s social profiles. It is also present in external physical media and digital channels to obtain greater visibility and reach the reference target.

Data sheet

  • Agency: Mrs. Rushmore
  • Advertiser: Vodafone Spain
  • Campaign Title: Series Orphan
  • Client Contact: Patricia Fresneda, Eva Jiménez, Soledad Carvajal, Virginia Pañero, Roberto Tamayo, Antonio Lendinez
  • Creative Directors: Noel Filardi, Aurora Hidalgo,
  • Creative team: Alejandro Galán, Jesús Beltrán, Iratxe Reparaz, Marta Noval, Sergio Fernández, Leticia López, José Benito, David Moreu
  • Accounting team: Eva Gutiérrez, Ana Ballesteros, Irene Márquez, Belén Mesa, Clara Vicente
  • Strategic planning: Raquel Espantaleón
  • Producer: Petra Garmon
  • Executive producer: Raquel Pérez Tato
  • Producer: Olmo Heras
  • Director: Arnau Montanyés
  • Director of photography: Ottavio Arias
  • Post-production studio: Serena
  • Sound studio: Serena Sound
  • Music: “I have the power” Stereo bomb
  • Formats: TV, digital and OOH

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