Virtual reality in events: the example of Red Bull Cliff Diving #VR

Last July I was kindly invited by Red Bull France to participate in Red Bull Cliff Diving in La Rochelle. But why invite me if I never talk about sports? Especially to test a fantastic virtual reality experience that only Red Bull knows how to prepare for us.

Cliff diving? If you don’t know what it is, it involves athletes who perform acrobatic dives at around 30 meters in the air. Having taken a walk at the jump site, I can tell you that we don’t feel entirely comfortable there.

To allow everyone to experience the death dive, the brand installed a 7 meter high platform. He collaborated with a company specialized in making harnesses to simulate a free fall, without any hitches. He also developed a 360° video, seen firsthand, of a diver performing his work.

Then they blew people off the platform, with Samsung Gear VR headsets!

To see what it was like, here’s a short video:

thanks to Guillaume for the invitation, e Teddy et Marinemy friends for the day!

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