#TikTokMadeMeBuyIt How brands can benefit from TikTok

tick tock, I hate and I love.

Like the modern Catullus 3.0, we all wonder (and agonize) over the possibilities of newly applied marketing Tool which – attention, first basic idea – does not define itself as a social network, but as one entertainment platform.

And indeed there is a major difference: TikTok is no longer just the app Challenge of the dance, even if the sounds and the song library available are an integral part of it and make it stand out.

What makes TikTok unique among all platforms is one specific visual quality It is a own TÜV.

Creating content on TikTok is not complicated at all, on the contrary: through a Video editing software unique but super complete, you can produce a lot – a lot – even with little available. And the results are immersive Video full screen with audio “always on” with which the community tells its story in a natural and unvarnished way, attracting and involving more and more users.

A “new television” – as Gianluca Diegoli also explains – all-encompassing, hypnotic and entertaining free of charge, dispelling boredom by zapping.

A pattern well remembered by both Millennials and Gen X from their childhoods: has the platform naturally garnered an influx of older users and creators, who now even have profiles with our grandparents, for this reason too?

What does TikTok have to do with brands in all of this?

Let’s start by saying that this year about a billion people chose TikTok for her entertainment moments, which was a part of represented by the brands.

And it’s certainly no coincidence that is the most popular hashtag on the platform #TikTokMadeMeBuyIta video collector where users show off the latest cool and trending products they have bought precisely because they are encouraged when they see these must-have items in their feed.

In fact, according to Italian statistics, users use TikTok not only as an entertainment tool, but also for Search for product information and guide their consumer decisions: 1 in 3 users will buy a product after seeing it on the channel.

It’s not news that people are more inclined to buy things they see “in action”, as happens with teleshopping – where particularly charismatic characters present relatively new and ingenious products and actively demonstrate how they work or what it distinguishes competing products.

By analyzing the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt phenomenon, we can identify it 4 functions making TikTok videos more inspirational and rewarding than buying a specific product.

brevity and speed: The videos on this platform are primarily designed to capture the attention of a generation of multitasking, hyperconnected and impatient young people with short attention spans; As we become more hungry for information and entertainment, we lose our ability to focus for long periods of time. So it’s important to think about how using a few seconds of video can be enough to inform and/or have fun.

Full screen + sound on: TikTok combines the best of full-screen video with always-on audio for a more immersive and immersive experience. Unlike TV spots, the users producing these videos have access to a variety of tools to enhance their videos in very specific ways (e.g. adding filters, sound clips, green screen).

dynamics: Smart storytelling is the essence of TikTok. Brands can create real creative projects by investing in the three pillars of the platform: Music, Content Creator and Native Language.

The storytelling methods that you can address to tell your product are the most diverse:

  • If you record the videos from the app, you can rely on the effects, which are divided into categories like trending, interactive, augmented reality, etc. Some popular effects are the green screenII clone trioplease refer slow zoom effect.
  • Other popular storytelling and editing devices include i pov (point of view), ie perfect loops and videos with multiple characters, all played by the same person. Or you rely on collaborative methods: i duets you can highlight someone else’s clip next to your own video. The Sting allows you to use a short clip from another video as an intro for your TikTok.

alignment: TikTok has advanced targeting capabilities for brands, creators, and advertisers. Therefore, when distributing content, you can choose to only focus on those people who are more likely to buy a particular product.

Get your brand on TikTok

So what steps can you take to benefit from the platform?

  1. Use the strengths of TikTok: We understood that TikTok is absolutely not similar to any other social platform, neither for the content nor for the audience. It has specific requirements, a particular TOV and very heterogeneous users in terms of age and interests. If you want your videos to reach and be won over by your audience, you need to be able to produce short, concise content with excellent audio-video quality.
  2. Know your audience (and address them well): It is important to use the advertising and targeting methods built into the app. Stick to the “quality is better than quantity” mantra: it’s better to reach a handful of interested people than millions of people irrelevant to your business.
  3. Think as an “insider”.: Don’t produce or position a video for TikTok like you would for a TV commercial. Users browse the platform to be entertained by real people and content assignable, in which they can identify themselves.

The best performing videos are formats with high visual impact, easy to use, immediate and fast. This content makes it possible to present the product “emotionally” in order to make it appear closer to the everyday life of the target user.

TikTok for business

We created a roadmap to help you get started the right way, with thoughtful and impactful content, A checklist that you always have at hand the moment you start making a video. TikTok is no longer a channel that only caters to Gen Z, but a tool that is starting to appeal to a wide audience and is becoming a driver of purchasing decisions. Download our canvas now, which will guide you in building your channel’s launch strategy

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