This video spot presents the French renewable energy team

This video spot presents the French renewable energy team

The Renewable Energies Union (SER) recently selected Wunderman Thompson France to support it in its communications strategies and conference commitments on renewable energy. In addition to a communications platform, the agency envisioned an unusual campaign that highlights the strategic role these energies play in advancing the energy transition.

Renewable energy: much more than “renewable energy” solutions. complements »

For the Renewable Energy Union, Wunderman Thompson France has created a new communication platform, but not only that! He imagined a high-impact campaign that offers a new look at the role of renewable energy. Because these energies are still too often perceived as solutions of ” complements » of the energy transition. The creative challenge for the agency was to establish a positive narrative in public opinion. And this on the essential nature of renewable energy in the French energy transition. But also to affirm their vital positions in energy production in France.

Virgile Brodziak, CEO of Wunderman Thompson France, expresses his satisfaction with this collaboration: “We are pleased to partner with the Renewable Energy Union on this crucial initiative. Together we want to contribute to the energy transition by promoting the advantages of renewable energy. And encouraging its adoption. This collaboration marks an important step in our commitment to a more sustainable and decarbonized future. »

Photo credit: Wunderman Thompson Paris

These energies are in fact the product of the most powerful forces that can be found on our planet: the forces of nature. And when we think about performance, we immediately think about sporting feats and athletes. Wunderman Thompson France therefore decided to combine sport and natural records, to move from the abstract to the concrete and change mentality. For example, Avignon’s mistral wind beats Usain Bolt’s 100m world record every day.

A group ” powerful by nature »

Wunderman Thompson France and SER have created a new kind of team, a team “Powerful by nature ». It is made up of natural elements that break records every day to provide energy to millions of French homes.

A campaign that unfolds with a 1920s TV film and seven VOL. These reflect the visual grammar and codes of sporting events. But also social content that will strengthen the performance of our different athletes from an individual and collective point of view.

The first whistle of this SER campaign was given at the beginning of October. And this, in the middle of the Rugby World Cup. The union will also deploy it in the main sporting events that will mark the year 2024.

For Jules Nyssen, president of the Renewable Energy Union, concludes: “This public communications campaign is the first in the history of our union and will help establish a positive narrative on renewable energy. Through the metaphor of the French ENR team, 11 sectors are highlighted as credible, effective and promising solutions for the balance of our energy system. »

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Photo credit: Wunderman Thompson Paris

To find out more about Wunderman Thompson France, go to its dedicated page!

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