This is Threads, the app threatening to destroy Twitter

This is Threads, the app threatening to destroy Twitter

In the last week we’ve witnessed the birth of a new social network to go along with Instagram: Threads. An application with a clear goal: replace twitter, which appears to be collapsing after Elon Musk’s recent changes.

But, How threads work Is it already available for all users? These are some of the doubts that arise today and in this article we are going to solve them for you.

Threads: what it is and how it works

Developed by Instagram, Threads is an app that aims to give users the ability to keep content public conversations in real timeThis is a usage similar to that used for Twitter today.

“The idea is to create an open and friendly space for the communities” Adam Mosseri

The CEO of Instagram defined the goal of with these words subjectsstating that it links directly to the other social network, to the point that the user’s Instagram account must also be their username in Threads.

Threads Instagram, what is it?

Operationally, it is a platform very similar to Twitter. Users can post text messages, photos or videos in the app and reply to their followers or the people they follow. Although it is true that it does not yet support direct messaging as if the Bird application does.

Mosseri explains how and why threads came about

In a scenario in which the various social networks play an increasingly important role, it is difficult not to cover a larger market share, Mosseri noted. Therefore, it was finally decided to introduce this new application.

“There was a possibility or a need that more people should play in public spaces”

But,Why do it in a separate app? and not within Instagram? According to Adam Mosseri, the decision to separate this application stems from the idea of ​​simplifying Instagram and not adding more uses or functions to it than what is already there.

Where threads are available

The application is already possible at the moment be downloaded for free Available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in the United States and about 100 other countries, although there are plans to expand in the near future.

However, at this early stage, threads It will not be available in the European Union (EU). Something users from these countries don’t understand as it is one of the largest markets in Meta. So we have to wait a while before they decide to launch the application in Spain.

And you want to use threads? Have you tried it yet?

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