These are the products we will be shipping to Amazon warehouses this Christmas

These are the products we will be shipping to Amazon warehouses this Christmas

We are preparing for the Christmas dates. Now it’s time to clarify what we will be sending. These are the products that I consider essential.

I recently published a post about Christmas preparations that we have just started. We have an ambitious goal. This year we want to double our turnover compared to 2022. It won’t be easy, but it is necessary to exceed 500 thousand turnover in order to be able to deal with bank loans and justify ourselves that it made sense to take the step. It’s not just billing that matters. In terms of benefits, we obviously also want to double what we achieved last year.

Storage space is not infinite. We must carefully evaluate which products we want to send and which ones not. This is my plan (to be confirmed with my team).


Selling Legos is always a small bet. A set may or may not go “dry” and consequently hit our target price. When that happens, you’ll need to be ready. It means that the set must already be in Amazon warehouses. That’s why it’s always a small bet. There will be many sets that we will send that will not sell. We will harvest these if possible after Christmas, at the end of January or February. This way we do not miss out on sales opportunities and at the same time keep storage costs at a reasonable level.

Bestsellers in the last 12 months

This part is easy and obvious, although it has nuances. This is about reviewing sales for the last 12 months and estimating what we might be selling this Christmas. If we consider only the sales of the last 12 months, we are not up to the level of analysis. It is also essential to look at the short term of the last 30 days. There could be some discrepancies here because the top sellers may have lost positioning over the course of a year and consequently sales in the short term. Here is at the same time the time to optimize these advertisements so that they are up to par again and can contribute their part to the achievement of the set goal.

Betting on related products

I also spoke about it recently. What are the next logical products you should launch on Amazon? You can also ask this question the same way but in a Christmas context. There are always products that are bought more on these dates than outside of them. Even in terms of price range there are differences. At Christmas the average selling price increases by 30%. People are willing to spend more. We need to look at our product portfolio and analyze which products have the potential to be sold on these dates.

Resale of products that we will buy in the months of October and November

Then there is an unknown factor that we usually have every New Year’s Eve but which is a luck factor. In the months of October and November there are usually the best offers. For us it is a unique purchase opportunity for immediate resale. Thanks to these offers last year we were able to achieve an additional turnover of 100,000 that we could not have achieved in the same way.

It will be funny. Every year we have to surpass the previous year again. Every year it is more difficult to achieve it. Will we be up to it?

Stay tuned.

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