TheFork reveals its new visual and verbal identity

TheFork reveals its new visual and verbal identity

born in 2007, The fork has always had the ambition to redefine the way people connect with restaurants.

Launched first in France and then in other countries, the brand has revolutionized the industry over the years by creating the first professional online booking system.

To date, the company has over 60,000 partner restaurants in 12 countries, e.g 20 million monthly visitors.

The fork

After a period of rapid growth and business expansion with new offerings and entering new markets, TheFork kicks off brand identity completely renewed. Let’s find out in detail.

He renames TheFork

II new look intends to restore TheFork’s presence as a market leader.

The fork

The visual redesign wants to define ed better express the personality of the brand To create awareness among the three target groups: customers, restaurateurs and employees.

In order to further develop its image and positioning, the company entered into a partnership with the agency designstudio building a Brand strategy visionaries. The new look is the focus of all internal and external activities to effectively involve both the public and employees.

The result is a new visual and verbal identity bold and contemporary.

Central to TheFork’s philosophy is the idea that “the best things in life happen around the table”.

This concept is well summed up in the new brand platform that brings people together in an increasingly digitized world.

«Our brand platform is the model of our visual identity. Our system is based on the creative idea of ​​”Feed your Spirit” and is based on the energy of people gathering around a table and that energy radiates,” he said. Charlotte Francis Design Director of DesignStudio.

The new brand appearance

II pictogram is at the heart of the identity and inspires the entire system, from fonts to graphic motifs to the illustrations created by the digital design studio tubic.

The fork icon gets a new personality. Captures the raw energy of the human spirit.

Its curves are complemented by Valizas by Luzi Type, a distinctive, one-of-a-kind sans serif font.

There is to accompany him three graphic shapes constructed from the angles, straights and curves of the TheFork symbol. These can be used individually to represent people’s uniqueness, together to show the sharing of experiences.

The palette shows a lively green as the main color. Add to this a rich, complementary palette inspired by different foods that can convey impact, flexibility and variety.

The fork

The new unmistakable assets are enhanced and represented Un’ode alla mission del brand. They reflect TheFork’s journey to become a better, bigger and more dynamic brand.

The main component: the TOV

II Inflection is the main part of the new TheFork. The language is succinct yet playful, inviting, passionate and evocative to “invite everyone to the table” for a beautiful experience of eating and sharing.

The TOV focuses on new forms of expression to inspire, engage and Celebrate the community the TheFork foodie.

Additionally, the system is flexible, providing TheFork – The Forkies – staff with the application principles to engage each audience in a distinctive and expressive way.

The fork

The brand identity relaunch is just a taste of the new and exciting initiatives to come; Meanwhile, the company is planning its return on air and online with a new integrated campaign.

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