The role of multimedia in PR today

The role of multimedia in PR today

Nowadays, journalists increasingly rely on multimedia elements to enrich their content. No doubt in an attempt to grow their audience and improve engagement. A tactic that serves the interests of PR professionals who will be able to integrate different content formats into their CP. According to Cision’s latest State Of The Media study, multimedia is even more important to PR today.

More accessible and shareable information

With the proliferation of social networks and content sharing platforms, users are looking for multimedia content. Journalists have also adapted their working methods and prefer information supplemented by images and videos. By integrating multimedia into PR campaigns, professionals can increase the visibility of their messages and improve their reach through social media sharing capabilities.

Multimedia facilitates the dissemination and exchange of information. We therefore recommend that you include images, videos or podcasts in your press releases. Not only do they make it more aesthetic, but they also make the journalist’s job easier by providing him with content that can be used unmodified in his article.

36% of French journalists are more inclined to study a CP if it contains multimedia elements, compared to 45% of the youngest

Study “State Of The Media France 2023”.

A more personalized and targeted approach

Forget the endless mailing list of every journalist you can find. Choose a more limited list that can seduce you with personalized content adapted to the content published by the target journalist. For example, a well-crafted video can capture online media interest, while an engaging infographic can be widely shared on social media. By adapting formats and content to recipients’ preferences and needs, PR campaigns become more effective and achieve better results.

Don’t know how to integrate these multimedia elements and are afraid of the work they represent? No panic ! Cision now offers a digital press release solution that gives you peace of mind when it comes to doing your digital PR.

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