The official application is available, how to use it

The official application is available, how to use it

Now you can download France Identity and scan your ID card.

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French identity available

The app can only scan new ID cards. In 2024 the application will also support driving licenses. © French Identity

The France Identity application available in beta version

In the autumn of 2022, the France Identity application, which allows you to benefit from a digital copy of your identity document, was tested on iOS with a selection of volunteers. After some issues with iPhone owners – the devices struggled to detect ID card information – the government app is finally available to everyone. However, this is still a beta version and bugs may occur again.

We remind you that the France Identity application offers users the possibility of scanning their identity card to keep a dematerialized version. It also allows you to create disposable identity documents and connect to FranceConnect life. In the future it will offer 100% dematerialized powers of attorney and digital driving licenses.

France Identity: how to scan your identity card

Only the new identity cards, those equipped with chips, can be scanned by the application, which uses NFC technology to retrieve all the information in a few seconds. You also need a smartphone with Android 8 or later or an iPhone with iOS 16 or later.

To scan your ID card, the procedure is as follows:

  • Download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store,
  • Upon entering the app, choose To continueThen validate It is again To continue,
  • Enter the 6 numbers found at the bottom right of your identity card,
  • Scan the NFC chip of your ID card with your smartphone,
  • Verify your identity with FranceConnect and connect with the platform of your choice.

Your identity card will then be available in a dematerialized version in your application and will have the same value as your physical card.

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