the new frontier of social advertising

the new frontier of social advertising

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Why advertise on TikTok?

With over 1.023 billion active users worldwide, TikTok continues its inexorable rise, confirming itself also in Italy as the most popular social network (or rather entertainment platform, as TikTok itself defines it) among young people and beyond.

Today, TikTok has 18.3 million active users, which is almost 18.3 million 1 Italian out of 3 uses it regularly. Despite the fame of social belonging to the Generation Z (representing 37.6% of registered users in Italy), TikTok has seen a diversification of users over the last year, including older age groups.

The demographic reconstitution and subscription boom that has characterized TikTok in recent times has caught the attention of companies and advertisers: according to the Ads Manager, the number of advertisers active on TikTok in Italy increased by 115% at the end of 2021 compared to last year, a sign of increasing interest in the platform.

mom Why advertise on TikTok?? The breadth of the potential audience and the ability to reach key buyers over 25 and the consumers of tomorrow aren’t the only reasons:

  • Compared to other social advertising platforms, TikTok ensures a maggiore audience engagement thanks to a more immersive full-screen experience and the presence of videos that are perceived as more natural and less constructed than other formats. The interaction rate surpasses that of other social platforms, both organic and AdV, bringing more interactions with videos, more direct conversations with brands, more UGC content, more word of mouth, bringing the user closer to the brand.
  • The high level of engagement achieved on the channel allows you to have fun Cost per result very advantageous compared to other social advertising platforms. Effective creativity, specially developed in collaboration with the creators, combined with the right targeting, allows you to achieve CPVs under €0.002 and CPMs even under €1, costs that on Meta and Instagram in general can only be achieved with marketing campaigns can become. notoriety.
  • According to Italian statistics, users use TikTok for entertainment, but also to search for product information and to guide their consumption decisions: one in three users buys a product after seeing it on the channel. In fact, TikTok is a full funnel canal This can be incorporated into the strategy to act at every stage of the journey, from brand discovery to conversion, keeping an eye on every valuable action thanks to the monitoring system.
  • Thanks to the possibilities of Advanced TargetingAdvertisers have the opportunity to create a detailed profile of their target audience. In fact, TikTok ads allow you to combine demographic information, interests, and behaviors to accurately delineate niche segments, effectively targeting the market b2b.

How much does advertising on TikTok cost?

The cost of advertising on TikTok depends on how it is served. Depending on the campaign you want to run, there are two options:

  • fall back on cooperation with a TikTok Account Managerfor large brand awareness campaigns (brand mission, brand effect, top view)
  • use TikTok Adsthe self-service advertising platform that enables marketers to create and manage advertising in the popular entertainment app.

In the first case, the costs depend on the country of reference and the type of campaign and/or bundle of advertising products purchased, as well as the duration of the campaign. However, we are talking about tens of thousands of euros here, which fluctuate from quarter to quarter depending on the growth of the platform.

For campaigns created via TikTok Ads, The budget required to launch an advertising campaign on TikTok is much higher Compared to other social media: Compared to €1/day on Meta and €10/day on LinkedIn, the minimum spend value for TikTok is €20/day when budgeted at the ad group level, or €50/day when set at the campaign level .

How TikTok ads work

The way the self-service advertising platform works is very similar to that of Meta or Pinterest, but unlike them, Adv It is not essential to have a social profile as wellas separate from it.
The first step in advertising on TikTok Ads is to create thatadvertising account in a few simple steps:

  • Just go on Home page of TikTok Ads;
  • Click “Create Now”;
  • Set up your new credentials and enter the requested information to complete the account setup.

The advertising account can also be connected to a TikTok Business Center, the equivalent of Meta Business Manager. The platform is not binding for businesses, but it is highly recommended to pool all assets (profile, ad account, pixels, etc.) and share them with external partners and suppliers. For agencies, on the other hand, it is essential because it allows the management of multiple accounts from clients.

How to create a campaign for TikTok Ads

You can set up your campaign from the Ads Manager dashboard, which you can access once you’ve set up your ad account. The tree is similar to that of Meta:

  • At the level of campaign Goals, campaign name and a possible total or daily budget are defined (in this case at least 50 €/day);
  • At the level of ad groupthe type of campaign, objective and positioning, ie where the ads will be shown, budget (if not already set at campaign level, in case of at least €20/day), campaign planning and bid strategy (optional);
  • At the level of NoticeIt sets , text, creativity, any landing pages and tracking pixels that can be created directly in Ads Manager (from the Asset > Event menu)

To start the setup, just click on “Campaign” in the top bar and then on “Create ad” to set the various settings step by step:

1. Campaign Goal

TikTok Ads offers a range of marketing objectives that cover all stages of the funnel:

  • in the phase of consciousnessyou can use the lens Cover, ideal to reach the largest possible number of people;
  • in the phase of thoughtfulnessthat you can fall back on traffic on the siteto redirect users to an external landing or app; video viewsto encourage video views in the app; or community interactionto generate new followers or TikTok profile visits;
  • in the phase of conversionare the available targets app promotion, to encourage the installation of branded apps; lead generation, to acquire contacts directly in the app via native forms; O website conversion, to generate valuable actions on a website or external landing.

2. Placements

Like other advertising channels, TikTok also has one network from partner sites, called Pangle, which can be used in addition to or as an alternative to classic positioning feed (also known as the “For You” section in the TikTok app).

3. Targeting

Two targeting options are available: Automatic targetingmanaged entirely by TikTok based on the language and country defined by the advertiser, or Custom Targeting.
In this case, different variables can be combined to create an extended profile of the target group:

  • demographic characteristics such as location, language, gender, age;
  • Intereststhat you can target specific interestsYou’re on “to the air purifier”; behaviors from users, such as video views (by interaction type, last interaction date, and/or category of videos) or interactions with creators (by interaction type and/or creator category); hashtag the videos viewed;
  • save audiencecreated in the appropriate “Targeting” tab in Ads Manager (similar to “Public” in Meta Business Manager) based on Interaction with TikTok profile or account ads, web traffic, branded app activityFilling out the forms of lead generationor by uploading your own contact list in the platform. As with Meta, custom audiences can be used as sources similar audiences.

4. Announcement

Advertisers can choose between two types of self-service ads:

  • In-feed non-spark display: It is the equivalent of the sponsored Dark Post on Meta and Instagram, an advertisement not necessarily linked to an existing social profile (in the case of TikTok) and displayed in the “For You” section. The format supports both video (up to 60 seconds) and still images.
  • In-Feed Spark ad: Equivalent to Meta and Instagram organic post boost. In order to sponsor an already published video, it is necessary to check the corresponding option and select the TikTok profile from which to promote the content: the brand account or that of a creator/another brand (in the case of branded content). In the latter case, you must enter the authorization code provided by the affiliate to select the post to sponsor. Permission can be granted for 7, 30, 60 or 365 days, after which the advertising will be automatically disabled.

TikTok for business

We created a roadmap to get you off to the right start, with reasoned and powerful content, A checklist that you always have at hand the moment you start making a video. TikTok is no longer a channel that only appeals to Gen Z, but a tool that is starting to reach a wide audience and become a driver in purchasing decisions. Download now our canvas to guide you in building your channel’s launch strategy

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