the launch of Paramount+ Influencia

the launch of Paramount+ – Influencia

Digital age version of the maxim” don’t let the prey go for the shade “, Paramount has never given a signal to stop its pay channels or to silence its activities of selling rights to third parties. As for France, it has re-signed a distribution deal with Canal+ for MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, etc. And it is the largest provider of Prime Video programs among American studios.

While its peers were focused on the SVoD market, Paramount was also an early believer in the development of AVoD and FAST channels, acquiring Pluto TV in 2019 and working ever since to develop it worldwide. These efforts paid off twice: in September, Pluto surpassed the symbolic threshold of 1% audience share in the US (TV channels and digital platforms combined). And its revenue is expected to top $1 billion this year.

By launching Paramount+ only in the spring of 2021, in the sequel to CBS All Access, Paramount+ also left its competitors with a (big) advantage in the field of SVoD, and the international development of the platform was done in small steps. But while some seem to be procrastinating at the moment, even throwing in the towel for the little ones (LionsGate for example), Germany, Austria and Switzerland will soon extend the launch made this 1AND December, in France, and will be added, in the old continent, Italy, Scandinavia and about twenty countries of Central Europe.

It’s too early, of course, to guarantee Paramount+’s success, especially since the streaming battle is still in its infancy. But there are some simple ideas in the developments that the parent company has carried out in recent years: capitalize one’s assets and not sacrifice them to set out to conquer a new territory, even one considered promising, act against the cycle, avoiding fields where the competition it is more aggressive and where you risk running out to work on alternative opportunities… Ideas likely to fuel more than one case in marketing schools.


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