The day we started operating as a normal company

The day we started operating as a normal company

Today is the day. We will start operating as a normal company. What’s normal? Good question. We will make these changes.

When I speak of “normal” I am perhaps referring to a more developed medium-large company. I’m referring to the fact that we’ve moved away from being a start-up quite a bit, although we actually still are.

We started with in the cloud for our entire business

Well, this part will come throughout the month but hopefully it won’t take much longer. There are some benefits associated with this.

  • Shared calendars to have access to other people’s calendars so you don’t have to agree on meetings.
  • “Out of office” messages to be able to enjoy the holidays calmly without the rest having to be aware of any third party queries that are not successful.
  • Access to Office apps in the cloud.

These points by themselves may not seem like a big change, but those who know me understand that I see progress in the sum of many small things and not a few big ones. This to me is a small step that we must continually take to be more productive as a company.

Confluence and Jira for project tasks and documentation

We’ve been working with Asana for a while now, but we’re not 100% right. This time we want to take the final step. Confluence and Jira are the tools I’ve worked with on virtually every client project. They are very powerful and will help us be more productive.

  • Organizing most projects into sprints to reduce management noise (in this case because I tend to continually “throw” new tasks at the team).
  • Visualize progress by combining Jira with Confluence to generate reports that let you instantly see the status without having to go through each activity one by one.
  • Documentation of projects and meetings so as not to touch up topics that have already been discussed more than once. Be clear about what has been agreed and you must not depend on your memory.

Again, it’s all about the basics. When I’m working on projects with clients, it’s usually not the big things that fail, but rather the small ones. Here is the same again. “At home blacksmith, wooden knife.”

Stay tuned.

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