The curious looks of May 22, 2023

-> The deal between the two was revealed by the WSJ rather than in the columns of The New York Times itself New York Times and Google covers $100 million. What is surprising about the independence of the newspaper? “Because this deal allows Google to format NYT content on its own platforms.” The open web movement denounces the situation in this article. Concerned about Google’s favoritism towards NYT, the association wonders: Isn’t this a new abuse of a dominant position? Shouldn’t the power react? What about France? We addressed the issue in this editorial exactly a year ago.

–> Our article from last week about how pharmazone Turning off Google for 10 days got you excited. And sparked some comments. So, Fabien Omont, Product Marketing Director at Adform, marvels at this phrase from Audrey Lecoq: “After this time, the Google robot that allows you to climb the ranks in Search Engine Optimization will give “priority” to sites that do SEA…” So would we fallen into it ” Fabien Omont asks: “How do we explain this dependence on organic from paid? Is there a reason or is it just some kind of “forced invitation”? Are there any studies on this? Is that also the case with Google’s competitors?” . A previously unanswered question that we ask you again…

-> Maxime Delmas, who runs agency Creapills, stumbles upon this nugget: This gas station in the US offers customers who dance a $5 discount and $10 if they like the choreography. Result: 30 million views in two days.

–> Fabrice Bonnifet , Director of Sustainable Development of the Bouygues Group and author of the article The company is an authority on CSR. He spoke at Udecam Morning (see also our article): “The climate is the mother of all battles. We don’t do business in the oven. The companies of tomorrow reconcile customer expectations and planetary boundaries. If this is not the case, there is no substitute solution.” , we have to change business models, produce fewer, more sustainable products. Businesses need to ask themselves, “What would be missing from humanity if my company didn’t exist?” And what would be better if my company didn’t exist.” Until now, the accounting system made it easy to plunder the planet. With global warming accelerating faster than expected, “there are solutions, but everything has to change” (citing the Shift Project).

–> The madness of the AI ​​is also on the stock exchange. Quoted here from Jeremiah Manifrom Web Help: “A very interesting statistic has just been released by Société Générale. In fact, without the stocks popular with AI, the S&P 500 would have been down 2% this year, not up +8%.”


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