The communication brief generator

We Are COM, the communicators accelerator in France, adds a new tool to your toolkit: the brief generator to facilitate the daily lives of communication professionals.

We know how complex and time-consuming creating a brief can be. Our goal is to simplify this process and offer methodological support that allows communicators to save time and focus on what is essential: the success of their communication projects.

Éléonore Dumont, co-founder of We Are COM

This free platform aims to simplify the tender process by offering an interactive online guide, a real methodological contribution that brings together all the key elements necessary to write a quality brief. Communicators can complement this tool by providing relevant information about their communication project.

✅ Once the process is completed, the generator automatically creates the specifications, in two formats (Word and PDF) ready to be sent to the selected service providers.

Why the short generator?

#1 – Save time

Using the generator, communicators can write complete briefs in a few minuteswithout forgetting important information and without wasting time on formatting.

#2 – Completeness

The brief generator covers all the essential aspects of creating a brief. Can be used for different types of projects communication and marketing, be they advertising campaigns, digital projects, events or relations with the press.

#3 – Professionalism

The brief generator generates a Word file (available for download AND email) ready to sendallowing communicators to convey a brief Clear et structure to selected service providers.

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