The Clear Channel billboard is causing a stir with its own #OOH campaign

The Clear Channel billboard is causing a stir with its own #OOH campaign

Are shoemakers always the worst? This time not with the latest poster campaign from the most important player in the industry, Delete channel.

At a time when outdoor advertising is going digital, Clear Channel is a reminder of the power of traditional advertising. The campaign, entitled ‘Bien vu’, is based on a series of quirky and humorous messages designed to appeal to the profession and the general public.

And while the younger generations appear to be abandoning paper, Clear Channel, on the contrary, asserts its power among young adults and “digital natives”, reaching more than 20 million French people.

This week-long promotion is visible on 5,000 pieces of 8m2 and 2m2 furniture in Île-de-France and in the 50 major French cities, generating more than 400 million advertising contacts from 47% of the French population.

It should be noted that this campaign also commemorates the recent launch of HYPERSTORIES, a content platform capable of generating a surge between communication on the street and social networks, and a new form of engagement everywhere of creating life. , mobility and out-of-home consumption, whether in metropolises, city centers or shopping malls.

If you are interested in the topic of print, you can hear me speak at Print In Progress on the topic “Digital acceleration also goes through print”.

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