The 12 Hottest TikTok Trends of 2023

The 12 Hottest TikTok Trends of 2023

Most Popular TikTok Trends of 2023

What are some of the most popular TikTok trends?

With so many people following and posting on TikTok, it’s no wonder there are some challenges, video themes, special effects, and background songs that explode on TikTok and become TikTok trends that everyone uses for weeks or months until they get tired of it. . them and move on to the next ones on the list.

So which TikTok trends have people liking at the end of 2022 and what is going viral at the beginning of 2023? Of course, there’s a lot to go around, so this article doesn’t cover them all, but we’ll review some of the most interesting trending TikToks.

Here are some of the most popular TikTok trends of 2023, in no particular order:

Wednesday’s dance

Would a list of the most popular TikTok trends even be without some kind of dance? As I already mentioned in our most followed TikTok accounts article, dancing is the first thing I think of when I hear the word TikTok.

If you don’t know what this particular dance trend is all about, you probably haven’t watched the show “Wednesday,” which was re-released on Netflix in late November 2022 and was hugely successful. In less than a month, the Wednesday Addams show had a total of 1.19 billion hours watched, breaking streaming records. But Wednesday not only went viral on Netflix but also on TikTok, with the dance performed by Wednesday at his school dance party. In the film, Wednesday dances to The Cramps’ “Goo Goo Muck,” but the dance that went viral on TikTok is performed to a sped-up version of Lady Gaga’s “Bloody Mary.” In fact, Lady Gaga loved it so much that she posted a version of the dance herself:

I love when young people take Wednesday as an example because it shows that it’s okay to be weird and unique, and that you can express yourself in the way you see fit without any shame.

Why do you ask them all the questions?

This trend is based on a sound called “Why are you asking all those questions?” where the creator asks all these questions like “Where? With whom? Have you been where, with whom?” in a very expressive way, so TikTok users decided to interpret the questions asked only with their facial expressions, without saying the words. Obviously, whoever can be the most expressive wins this trend. I think this girl does a very good job:

But there are also these fun newborn images that do a great job of expressing the questions:

The movement of the butt

This trend portrays TikTok creators walking around and doing a cute booty shake to the sound of the movie “Aristocats” while wearing blankets, usually on their way to get hugs or pampering. For example, this mother and her daughter head to bed and wait for Dad to bring them snacks and call them her favorite girls.

As you can see, it’s a very cute and cozy trend, but the original scene from the movie is also extremely cute:

I suggest clicking the sound so you can see more of this trend and have some fun!

fingerprint drawing

And speaking of cute trends, this one has best friends who dip their thumbs in paint or lipstick, leave their fingerprints on a piece of paper or cloth, and then draw faces, arms, and legs on those fingerprints to make them look like them. themselves. Some also draw little hearts next to the fingerprints or write their names on top. Very adorable!

to be a woman

The sound used for this TikTok trend features a woman emotionally exclaiming “How I love being a woman!” with a sad song playing in the background. The creators of TikTok have seized the opportunity to use this sound to show the world the joys and hardships of being a woman and it’s glorious. Some of these videos feature girls hanging out together, sharing uplifting and all-female-related messages, or sharing safety tips like leaving a lock of hair and fingerprints on your Uber.

Another popular use of this sound is to show your nightstand in its actual form without cleaning it first, so people can see what you actually have on your nightstand and how messy it is. Like this:

Sorry I went a bit too far with the amount of videos in this one, but I think this is an important trend and we should celebrate our femininity, with the good and the bad!

fake live stream

There is a trend where people pretend to be on a live broadcast and tell lies to get their loved ones’ attention to what they are saying. For example, I saw a girl talking about how she manages to stay slim and how well she eats, while her boyfriend was laughing in the background and raising his eyebrows in disbelief that she was telling all those lies. Or Meghan from the TikTok account @meghanandjack saying on the live stream that she would take off her clothes to show them something, knowing that she would get her husband’s attention:

photo hacker

When someone hacks into your cloud and demands ransom for your photos, you better check out that gallery first. This hilarious TikTok trend shows users getting hacked and then showing their photo galleries full of innocent photos that no one would pay a dime to get back. No risky photos, no shame on the internet. The background of this trend is the Greek song “Sirtaki”.

smash or pass

The sound of this TikTok trend comes from a video by famous YouTuber Markiplier, where he plays to smash or pass Pokémon characters. TikTok users took to the sound to create their own smash or pass game for Disney characters, athletes, actors, Miss Universe costumes, and even objects like books or designer items. If you’re not familiar with the game, if you like someone or something, you say smash, and if you don’t, you say pass. This is the original video using the sound.

Reasons why you should never…

This trend is all about creators showing why they regret doing something or why they think you shouldn’t do something. The videos show the text “Reasons I Regret…” or “3 Reasons You Should Never…” followed by their regrets, but they usually don’t mention the reasons and let the videos do the talking. themselves. For example, this video says “Reasons I Regret My Bridesmaids Choosing Their Own Dresses” but doesn’t state the specific reasons. However, given how busy and bright some of her dresses are, and how close to white some of the pink dresses are, it’s not hard to see that the bride is lost in the equation.


This trend uses SZA’s song “Blind,” in which TikTok creators often take off their prescription glasses and turn them around so we can see them through their lenses. The effects vary depending on the type of prescription, but many of them are fascinating.

But as magnetic and charming as he is, user @thatghandi takes it to the next level by removing his sunglasses in the bathroom mirror, then using special effects to show us something truly special. I don’t want to spoil it for you, so I’ll let you see for yourself:

sexy in slow motion

This trend uses a combination of remixes of Rihanna’s song “Where Have You Been” and The Weeknd’s “The Hills,” which many people use to create sexy slow-motion walks or hair flicks using CapCut, a new editing tool. of video offered by TikTok. The videos suddenly slow down and use a dark sepia filter to create a smoky look that looks very attractive. Here are two of my favorite videos on this trend:

It is so beautiful!

This trend uses a sound in which a woman exclaims “It’s so beautiful!”, which most of the TikTokkers have adopted to show their love for their loved ones. Some of the videos show girls jumping on beds made with their boyfriends wrapping them under duvets, where they were hidden.

I hope you have enjoyed these popular TikTok trends that I have selected for this article. Don’t forget to share the fun with all your friends! 🙂

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