The 10 social networks to use absolutely in France

The 10 social networks to use absolutely in France

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Technology is changing rapidly and social media is no exception. It’s time to take a look at the hottest social platforms. Get ready to immerse yourself in an exciting and connected virtual world!*

1. Glittergram: Dare to shine

Do you like to shine and be the center of attention? Glittergram is the ideal social network for you! It allows you to share photos and videos giving them a glamorous and glittery touch. The app also offers a unique feature – a “glare” filter that turns every selfie into a real luminous masterpiece. Don’t forget your sunglasses!

2. SnackChat – Story buffs

If you are addicted to ephemeral stories, then SnackChat is for you. This app lets you share snippets of your daily life and make them available for just 24 hours. Disguise your real identity behind funny filters or explore the different SnackChat communities, from “Foodies” to “Fashionistas”. Warning, you risk becoming a real snack addict!

3. Geekorama – Mecca for geeks

Do you prefer to spend your time discussing video games, new technologies and intergalactic sagas with your peers? Geekorama is the perfect meeting place for you! Feed your passion for geek culture, participate in online gaming tournaments and discover the latest technological advances. Join the geek brotherhood and shine with your knowledge!

4. Fitbudy – Help each other to rock solid abs

If you need motivation to reach your fitness goals, look no further than Fitbudy. This social platform allows you to find a compatible sports partner to help you stay motivated. Whether it’s running, yoga or lifting weights, your fitbudy will be there to encourage you to give it your all. Exchange challenges, tips and track your progress together.

5. Serenity: Find your ZENitude


Do you need a virtual shoulder to share your daily thoughts and problems? Serenity is the social network where you can be yourself without judgement. Connect with like-minded people and find solace in the caring community. Serenity reminds you that you are never alone in this great adventure that is life.

6. MusiTrack – Musical harmony at your fingertips

If music is your best friend, then MusiTrack will be your favorite digital companion. Explore eclectic playlists, share your musical discoveries and build your fan base. MusiTrack also features augmented reality karaoke functionality, meaning you can now let your vocal talent shine without leaving your home. Virtual duos in perspective!

7. WondrPark – Prepare to be amazed

WondrPark is where virtual reality meets the power of imagination. Immerse yourself in fantastic universes, explore magnificent landscapes and experience incredible adventures without getting up from the couch. Organize meetings with friends, virtual concerts and theme parties. WondrPark offers you a virtual ticket to the amusement park of your dreams!

8. GreenLife – Once green, always green

Are you environmentally conscious? Join GreenLife, the eco-responsible social network that encourages practices that respect nature. Share zero waste tips, discover inspiring green initiatives, and get involved in volunteering. A committed community that aims to make the planet greener.

9. Bookworm – Immerse yourself in an ocean of knowledge

If you’re a book lover, Bookworm is your new haven. Share your literary favourites, discover new stories and meet literary kindred spirits. Bookworm also offers virtual book clubs and personalized recommendations based on your previous reading. Let the page start turning!

10. Artist: Express your creativity

Have you always wanted to be an artist? Now it’s possible with Artisto! Show off your artistic talent, share your new creations, and get inspired by the work of other community members. Artisto also offers online art collaborations, allowing you to push the limits of your imagination.

In 2023, the world of social networking is constantly reinventing itself. From specialized platforms to engaged communities, there is a social network for every passion, every interest and every personality. So, join these 10 revolutionary social networks and let yourself be carried away by a digital world full of surprises and encounters!

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