Subway interferes in the discussion about McDonald's and Burger King

Subway interferes in the discussion about McDonald’s and Burger King

McDonald’s and Burger King have long been rivals and have frequently referenced their rivalry in their advertisements. Recently, McDonald’s in Brazil asked generative artificial intelligence ChatGPT what they thought was the most iconic burger in the world. The latter obviously mentioned the name of the indispensable Big Mac and did not fail to mention all the advantages in his answer. Proud of this response, the fast-food giant unveiled a poster highlighting it in the colors of its famous burger. It wasn’t long before Burger King and some time later Subway were added…

ChatGPT: A conversation about which fast food has the biggest sandwich

Would Burger King really accept that McDonald’s prides itself on having the most famous burger? Of course not. Without further ado, the brand asked the David São Paulo agency to counteract this poster. Together they ask ChatGPT what the biggest sandwich is this time. Unsurprisingly, the latter mentions the Whopper… Burger King therefore decides to borrow the same type of color code as its main competitor, allowing the colors of its burger to appear on the text written by the Generative Artificial Intelligence. Placed next to each other, the two posters are guaranteed to attract the attention of passers-by! And that’s without counting on the imminent arrival of Subway to join the quarrel…

Photo credit: McDonald’s / Burger King / Subway

Subway comes to agree with everyone

While Burger King believed it had the monopoly on the largest sandwich, another competitor claims the opposite. For his part, Subway decides to question the artificial intelligence and asks him to compare the size of the other sandwiches with his Footlong Sub. And there it is a hit! ChatGPT says the other sandwiches are “much smaller” as his. And we have to admit that she’s right… Unfortunately for McDonald’s and Burger King, we have to face the facts. Subway is undoubtedly winning this battle and everyone agrees. Unless a fourth competitor comes along to add his salt…

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