Spotify will integrate artificial intelligence to automatically translate its podcasts

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Music streaming platform Spotify now integrates artificial intelligence technology to offer voice translations on certain podcasts. This pilot project, in collaboration with OpenAI, could revolutionize the way we consume audio content.

Artificial intelligence to translate podcasts

Spotify is currently testing new ways to translate podcasts using artificial intelligence technology that mimics hosts’ voices. Thanks to this innovation, initially a limited number of English-language podcast episodes will be translated and dubbed into Spanish, French and German. The tool generates these voices using technology developed by OpenAI, which reproduces the original tone and style.

This pilot project is possible thanks to the joint work of Spotify and OpenAI, whose technology adapts natural language to the needs of ChatGPT, the popular AI chatbot. By combining these skills, Spotify manages to offer a pleasant listening experience with intonations and styles close to those of the original narrators.

Spotify wants to control content created by artificial intelligence

Daniel Ek, the head of Spotify, recently said that he does not want to ban but control AI-generated music content on his platform. The case of the song Heart on My Sleeve, featuring Drake and The Weeknd, produced without the consent of the two artists and generated by artificial intelligence, raised the question of intellectual property and the management of works produced by machines.

An ethical and legal challenge for streaming platforms

The question then arises: to what extent are streaming platforms responsible for policing content created by artificial intelligence? Daniel Ek believes that content produced by artificial intelligence should be identified as such, in order to preserve fairness between artists and works created by machines.

New perspectives for the podcast and music industry

The use of artificial intelligence to translate and dub podcasts opens up new perspectives for the audio and music market. This innovation could in particular:

  • Facilitate international distribution of podcasts by offering a wide range of languages
  • Reduce costs associated with manual translation and dubbing
  • Offer a more immersive listening experience thanks to intonations and styles close to the original narrators
  • Promote the emergence of new talents and collaborations between artists from different cultures

Beyond just podcasting, AI raises many challenges and opportunities for the music industry as a whole. Spotify and OpenAI give us a glimpse of the transformations that could happen in the years to come.

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