Spotify celebrates its 15th anniversary in France by revealing surprising data La Réclame

Spotify celebrates its 15th anniversary in France by revealing surprising data – La Réclame

Kool Shen announced in 1998 that he wanted to “kill” rock. In 2023 it’s done.

2008-2023. Spotify celebrates its fifteenth anniversary in our beautiful country today. The opportunity for the music streaming giant to retrace the great transformations of the French audio panorama, with rankings and some data of which the fluorescent green brand has the secret.

Founded in 2006 by Swedes Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon, Spotify is present in 180 countries and has 550 million users, of which 220 million are in the paid version. With the advent of streaming, the platform has broken geographical and language barriers for audio creators. According to Spotify France’s “Loud & Clear” report released this year, French artists generated approximately €225 million in 2022.

When the rooster becomes the punchline and king of export

Since its arrival in 2008, the number of French artists on Spotify has increased by 2,215%. Currently, 9 of the 10 most listened to artists in France are local. 52 of the 100 most played songs in France this year are by French artists, compared to none in 2008.

How can we explain this growth? Anglo-Saxon pop and rock, dominant in France in 2008, have been overwhelmed by rap and hip-hop. 15 years ago, ” play boy » Britney Spears and « Live the life » by Coldplay were at the top of the streams. On the other hand, since 2016, hip-hop has established itself as the most listened to genre in France. “ A dance » by Drake becomes the top song. And JuL, PNL and Nekfeu take the top three places among the most listened to artists, inaugurating the ultra-streaming era of French rap on the platform.

The export of French music is also experiencing significant growth. A third of the flows of French artists come from abroad, led by the electronic music of David Guetta, DJ Snake, Daft Punk, then by the final bars of JuL and Ninho. Too bad for Mariah Carey!

Spotify also reveals the 5 most listened to podcasts in France since the feature launched. News monopolizes the podium – AFP, Brut. (Spotify exclusive), Le Monde. Lurking the general culture of Things to Know and the six-seater sofa by Léna Situations.

See you in 2038 for new key data!

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