Snap and Orange present an expanded version of NOTRE-DAME de Paris

Our Lady expanded is a comprehensive insight into the history of this French Gothic masterpiece. Available May 16th Our Lady expanded is the first experience that is part of the continuity of the partnership between us snap inc etc Orange announced in January 2023. In the square in front of the Cathedral, thanks to augmented reality technology by snap is related to the capacity of the 5G networkOrangeClients can discover the architectural evolution of the monument through three key centuries – the 13th, 20th and 21st centuries – that shaped the history of Notre-Dame de Paris. And it’s the history-loving influencer Remember well He will take you through the centuries and reveal some of the mysteries of this historic monument.

And for those who are not lucky enough to be able to be at kilometer zero of the forecourt, the experience Snapchat, Our Lady expanded also exists in another version that is available everywhere in France. Thus, users can take selfies with a gargoyle or make the monument appear and view its architectural details wherever they are and whatever network is used. Note that under the cathedral plaza, in the Espace Notre-Dame, Orange continues to offer an immersive journey into the life of the monument from the Middle Ages to the present day and, thanks to ticket sales, also allows the financing of the reconstruction works of this national heritage.

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The two companies want to continue to develop new augmented reality experiences in the 5G mobile network in the areas of music, culture or sports: ” Augmented Reality has great potential to change the way people see and interact with the real world. “, explain Anne LaurensonGlobal Managing Director for Operator Partnerships snap inc “Over 250 million people use augmented reality on Snapchat every day, and AR Lenses are viewed over 6 billion times a day. The creation of this experience around the iconic Notre Dame, combining the best of Orange’s 5G and Snap’s augmented reality technologies, will allow millions of users to rediscover the history of this masterpiece. To contribute to Gothic in an immersive way and to its influence.”

“The speed and responsiveness of 5G will enable new augmented reality experiences. Our goal is to harness the power of Orange’s 5G network to offer our customers in Europe immersive and original experiences. We are proud to start our collaboration with Snap in France with a filter proposal at the service of history and culture. Our customers can discover Notre-Dame de Paris as they have never seen it before »lock Karine Dussert-Sarthe – EPP Orange Product Marketing / Design and Open Innovation.

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