Should we invest in Twitter Blue or Meta Verified?

Should we invest in Twitter Blue or Meta Verified?

Twitter is set to finalize its verified legacy program by the end of this month. From now on, users can maintain their verified blue checkmark only by subscribing to Twitter Blue, which is available globally. To check whether a blue checkmark on Twitter is a Twitter Blue or legacy verified checkmark, click or tap on it.

To be eligible for a verified blue checkmark, users need to have a confirmed phone number, an account that is over 90 days old, and not have made any changes to their name, username, or profile picture within the past 30 days. Accounts with a verified blue checkmark are not allowed to participate in deceptive practices such as impersonating someone else or using false identities.

Twitter Blue offers premium features, including a verified blue checkmark, the ability to post longer Tweets and videos, the ability to undo a Tweet before it’s sent, the ability to edit some Tweets within the first 30 minutes, a feed of featured articles shared by those you follow and the people they follow, account security with two-factor authentication via SMS or authenticator apps, and increased visibility when you reply to other users’ Tweets. The pricing varies depending on your country and device, with the United States pricing ranging from $8 to $11 per month.

Meta has also launched a paid subscription package, Meta Verified, which includes Facebook and Instagram profile verification. The eligibility requirements for Facebook and Instagram include having an active profile with your real name and a profile photo that matches your government-issued ID. Two-factor authentication must be used to protect your account, and your account must always comply with the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines for each network. The paid subscription offers exclusive features, such as a verified check mark, exclusive stickers to use on Facebook and Instagram, 100 stars a month to support your favorite Facebook creators, and help from a real person when you experience problems with your account. The pricing for Meta Verified varies depending on the device you sign up on and is limited to select users 18+ in the US, New Zealand, and Australia, with the cost ranging from $11.99 to $14.99 monthly.

However, paid verification is controversial for several reasons. Some Twitter Blue users complain that they haven’t seen an increase in engagement since they paid for the subscription and feel like they are now paying to be ignored. Moreover, the lack of distinction between notable public figures and people who have paid for the check mark could allow bad actors to spread misinformation and scam people based on account status as a verified profile. Some Twitter users are strongly opposed to paid verification and have launched campaigns encouraging others to block Twitter Blue users to decrease the reach of accounts with the paid blue check mark.

As a social network user, it’s important to weigh the benefits of being verified through Twitter Blue or Meta Verified against the potential implications of paying for social media awareness. Regardless of verification status, users should never provide personal information or account details to other social media users, research any requests for money outside of social media, and verify information before sharing it with others to avoid spreading misinformation to larger and more sensitive audiences. It is recommended to use two-factor authentication to protect accounts and save backup/recovery codes for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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