Shark Beauty: the new FlexStyle in the spotlight!

A daring campaign for a product that breaks the codes, this is the leitmotif followed by the Wellcom agency to organize the launch of FlexStyle in France. The promise of this novelty? Offer multiple innovative functions to suit all hair types. A disruptive positioning (the product is 5 in 1!), which was to be celebrated around an event at high altitude.

Multiple goals

The Shark Beauty brand, well known in the United States, is still not very well known in France. To address this challenge, the Wellcom agency has orchestrated a multi-target campaign: media relations, influencer strategies paid et unpaid, and a tailor-made event. ” Since February, a teasing phase has been conducted on the networks by a crew of influencer ambassadors, until the evening of the official launch on 14 March. Activations of influence, through gifts and paid collaborations will then be offered until the end of the year” explains Audrey Attia, Senior Consultant of Wellcom. Sold out for the launch party, which brought together 27 journalists and 44 influencers, who were able to take advantage of the hairdressing services with the expert Olivier Lebrun! ” The unusual side of this new generation cabaret, a chic, glamorous, elegant and festive place in the heart of Paris, totally corresponded to the inclusive positioning of the product”. Race results? 109 stories published on the networks and more than 3,800 new subscribers to the brand’s Instagram account in just one month.

Influenza: the beginning of a good story

After this great success, Shark Beauty continues to rely on the Wellcom agency for a new influence strategy. ” It has several levels: first a sowing (sending products) for 100 influencers, organized in Corsica at the trendy ‘Calvi on the rocks’ festival. Then, a paid influencer campaign that will launch over the summer. It will activate French macro and mega influencers, among the most engaging lifestyle profiles. The brand is gaining momentum in its influencer campaigns and we are delighted to support it at this turning point! », concludes Audrey Attia.

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