“Pelon Encapuchado”, fighter inspired by Pelon Pelo Rico

“Pelon Encapuchado”, fighter inspired by Pelon Pelo Rico

Brands continue to surprise their consumers with the new creative proposals they launch on the market to attract their attention. Now Pelon Pelo Rico wanted to highlight its brand, as the leader of chili sweets in the country, by presenting in the ring Pelon Encapuchado, a new fighter inspired by this iconic product that will be present in the Arena of Mexico.

This plays an important role in the promotion of a company, where more and more people continue to trust in the boost that marketing gives them in sales.

According to data from eMarketer, advertising spend in the global market generates millions of dollars, and approximately $516 billion is spent on media advertising every year.

Similarly, Mexican spending on advertising will reach 140 million Mexican pesos in 2021, according to data from IAB Mexico.

The “Hooded Pelon”

Now it has been announced that the Pelon Pelo Rico brand has launched Pelon Encapuchado into the ring, a new fighter inspired by this iconic product for the hearts of all Mexicans who will be present at the Mexico Arena.

The brand, flagship of Mexican candy, decided to launch this new character because it knows that wrestling is undoubtedly one of the most fun and emblematic sports for everyone in the country.

For this reason, the brand has found in the Pelon Encapuchado, the best combination of sport and fun characteristic of all Mexicans.

“We are very happy to present Pelon Encapuchado to discover different ways to eat Pelon. The most important thing for us is that our consumers have fun enjoying the delicious taste of Pelon. For this reason, we add the atmosphere and irreverence of wrestling to obtain a unique and very fun consumption moment,” said Mariana Carranza, marketing director of Hershey Mexico.

Likewise, they explained that the special functions consumers will be able to enjoy at Pelon Encapuchado at Mexico Arena will be held on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays in September and October, also joining the 90th anniversary of the World Wrestling Council.

With this creative launch you can see the importance of brands in the advertising market, where they increasingly use these creative proposals to reveal their name and establish themselves on the market.

An example of this could be how the Farmacias Similares brand uses its Doctor Simi bottarga in the exposure it offers to its customers with creative actions both in its physical stores and in its digital marketing strategies.

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