our terrible ideas about competition

our terrible ideas about competition

Halloween knows a true commercial success in France. The most advantaged sectors: the confectionery department (first highlight of the year in the sector), toys, decoration and even make-up. What if we did some brainstorming together? to get the most out of this party? Discover the Halloween contests, and prepare your operation thanks to our Halloween pattern ready to use (for all our mechanics)!

A competition for those who know the highlights

This highlight is made just for you! Your community is already sensitive to this type of event and will therefore be receptive to a marketing operation on this topic. Challenge yourself and organize a Halloween competition game terribly original and engaging. It’s time to give it your all: surprise internet users by offering a competition designed specifically for the key event.

Some tips to help you get started:

  • Objective of animation and recruitment: choose an attractive game mechanic that emphasizes the contribution of Internet users. By involving players you create interactivity on your social networks. Example: Open-ended quiz (variant with voting: text competition): “ Tell an anecdote in which you were particularly afraid” OR “What do you think is the best costume to celebrate Halloween? “. Gaming version, why not a Tap Tap with brooms, pumpkins and witches to capture?
  • Objective of the commitment: organize a photography competition. Favor simple concepts that require little effort from the user in order to maximize the number of participations. Make an appointment with all your followers on Halloween night (teasing) then ask them during the evening. The principle: Internet users should together post a masked selfie or a photo of their most beautiful pumpkin. Then share the most monstrous photos on the networks. The community spirit will be stronger in your pages.

A business opportunity not to be missed

You’re not used to it but… you think your community is ready to be approached in a fun atmosphere, especially if it involves winning prizes. Take the opportunity to reward attendees with swag while making yourself known. you don’t need to completely stick to the theme graphically. An animation with a simple message can bring you significant marketing results for the effort required.

Some tips to help you get started with Halloween contests:

  • Objective of animation and recruitment: choose a simple game that has a theme that resonates with your entire community (witches on a broomstick may not be for you). The prize money motivates the fans, they interact and spend only a short time playing the game. By communicating your competition widely, you encourage the recruitment of fans and potential customers. Launch a Jackpot, a Draw or a Wheel of Fortune (games that everyone likes). The message : ” General distribution of gifts, stay tuned throughout Halloween evening to try to win the biggest prize. »
  • Objective of the commitment: Fun games can appeal to your community and require little effort (example with a PsychoQuiz: Which Halloween monster are you? The chic witch, the greedy pumpkin or the fearsome specter?). And why not start a timer quiz?

Still not convinced? Try our demo game and create a few clicks a Halloween game thanks to Halloween template can be activated for all our mechanics.

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