Our outstanding tasks will exceed 500,000 this Christmas

Our outstanding tasks will exceed 500,000 this Christmas

We have a big goal. With 500 thousand between November and December we could reach it and exceed seven figures in turnover in a year on Amazon.

This week part of the team is in Spain working for the first time from the German offices/warehouse that we inaugurated yesterday, working from there for the first time even if it was only half a day. Tomorrow we will work there all day.

To say that we are in the final stretch is an understatement. We are in the final part of this stretch. It’s almost time to finish everything we have pending. These are our tasks:

Identify EOL Legos ready for shipping

There are boxes upon boxes in the warehouse that we need to analyze for pricing and competitors to make a decision on whether or not it’s time to ship them. There are many sets and little order. Due to the move (ok, that’s an excuse) we aren’t quite as organized as we should be. In November everything must be in Amazon warehouses.

Shipping of best-selling inventory

We spent the first couple of days sending inventory of the product we have stored here that will almost certainly sell. There have been products that are not as quick to process as Lego. This is why it takes longer to prepare the shipment and get it to Amazon warehouses.

Automate competitive product pricing

We have some products that require a price adjustment so that they leave our warehouses faster. This is one of the priority tasks, especially for some Lego sets which have the best sales times during the month of November.

Creating new rosters for Pokémon

There will also be last-minute Pokémon-level listings. We have a lot of paper-level products that we need to release. So we’ll be fine here, but it’s now or never. It’s a good time to test new creations because the market response is practically immediate. If it doesn’t sell now it is unlikely it will do so outside of this period.

It doesn’t seem like a big deal in terms of the number of tasks, but each one presents a small challenge. Are we prepared? I’d say almost. Soon we will have data that will give us a more precise answer.

Stay tuned.

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