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Since January 2020, every company with more than 11 employees has been required to set up an internal economic and social committee. As an elected official, you will benefit from training that will enable you to acquire the keys and skills necessary to carry out your mission.

What is the mission of an Economic and Social Committee (CSE)?

Members of a CSE are responsible for ensuring collective employee expression. It is often thought that part of this job is to present the collective and individual claims or grievances of employees, but also trainees, to the employer. But it’s not limited to this. The role of the CSE is also to convey collective expression on issues such as the management and economic and financial development of the company.

Some claims may include:

  • to salary,
  • the correct application of the Labor Code or legal provisions (contracts, social protection, etc.)…).

The CSE also has the task of promoting:

  • Safety,
  • Health,
  • improve working conditions within the company.

The Committee also supervises the prevention of sexual and moral harassment and discriminatory behaviour.

It should be noted that, despite the presence of an Economic and Social Committee in a company, employees retain the right to submit complaints or observations directly to the employer.

Why is CSE training necessary?

The effectiveness of the different missions of a CSE is based on effective focused work employee needs. Carrying out these missions in the best possible way requires skills and methodologies that are not always pre-existing among the actors. Hence the importance of following CSE training to identify the prerogatives of an elected official, as well as the limits of his power of action.

Those elected by the CSE will be able to choose between two training courses: the first focused on health, safety and working conditions (identification of a conflict, risk or serious danger, etc.) and the second on economic training.

To be fruitful and conclusive, these training modules need to be planned, prepared and delivered with the assistance of authorized organizations.

What are the objectives of a CSE training?

The management of a CSE cannot be improvised. Indeed, the powers of this employee representative body are very broad. Consequently, those elected by the CSE will have to enrich themselves with specific and operational knowledge and skills.

CSE training therefore allows Committee members to familiarize themselves with economic notions that will help them to do so better understand the business and how it works. Through this training, those elected by the CSE are also equipped to know how to identify occupational risks and anticipate them in order to facilitate the relationship between employees and employers. The notions of health and safety and working conditions will be deepened so that elected officials can carry out their missions.

During the training, the elected members of the Economic and Social Committee are invited to reflect on the main axes that will form the leitmotif of their mandate. The roadmap resulting from their work will be used to establish an effective action plan. Upon completion of the training, each elected has a more precise understanding of the scope of his mission and a framework of control for the optimal functioning of the body.

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