Negative comments on the Internet. Keys to solve them

Negative comments on the Internet.  Keys to solve them

If you’ve been working online for a while, chances are you already have negative comment or critical comment on the internetright?… Today we will talk about how to solve them.

The huge public exposure that all businesses have on the internet and the growing level of demand from people has made it necessary to know how to handle negative comments on the internet.

  • Negative comments or bad reviews on Google
  • Critical comments about your online store or website
  • Positive and/or negative comments on social media

The truth is more and more people are complaining. Some with reason and some without it.

  • You may face criticism if you did something wrong
  • have negative opinions
  • Meet a Troll who wants to wreak havoc
  • Or directly negative or critical comments that can affect your online reputation.

Be that as it may, it is important that you know this how to handle negative comments or criticisms because no one is safe from them.

Especially when designing a customer acquisition strategy on social mediayou need to keep this area in mind and prepare action protocols ready at all times.

Because it will be at that time that your customer service will be in charge of providing solutions and turn a dissatisfied customer into a satisfied customer with the solution that you gave

Keep in mind that a customer can become a new sale and may even recommend you, even after previously posting a negative comment.

As it is normal that no one likes out of place comments, they surprise and excite us many times.

That’s why you need to know how to act. Today I want to tell you about how to handle negative comments to avoid scares or annoying surprises.

One of the most important points of customer service on the Internet is knowing how to handle negative comments. The ultimate goal is to turn a dissatisfied customer who complains into a satisfied customer who buys from you again and can recommend you.

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What are negative comments or critical comments on the Internet?

Negative comments are criticisms or unfavorable opinions about our products or services. or the attention received that users leave on the internet and which can damage our online reputation.

Since the internet is a public place, those negative reviews can be bad for your business in a number of ways, so it’s always a good idea to be able to address them as soon as possible.

Why is it important to know how to handle critical comments?

As companies, we need to know how to deal with criticism at all times, because it is inevitable to have them.

Furthermore, the Internet is an open channel and critical comments are public, everyone can see them, so the most important thing is always to be able to detect them, to know that they exist.

If you don’t know what they are, those negative comments or opinions can increase over time and become a major problem for your business.

And at that point, it’s very hard to fix.

therefore, the early detection of is the best way to handle negative commentsso you should monitor where those unfavorable reviews may appear.

Also, there are several channels where we all find negative comments:

  • You can have negative comments on social networks. Dangerous, because they can quickly go viral, whether they’re right or not.
  • You can have critical comments on your website or online store. Although here you always authorize whether they will be seen or not, my advice is to fix them first and then leave them public.
  • Negative reviews on Google. One of the most dangerous from my point of view, because even if you give a solution, you have to make a request to Google to remove it.
  • In addition, you will face criticism in specific environments and networks such as Booking and other networks or various thematic platforms.

If you want your level of Online reputation is intact and your brand image speaks well of you, start avoiding now and work to avoid receiving inappropriate comments.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, handling negative comments takes extra effort for the business side.

How to handle negative comments online

Good. The time has come. Browsing through your networks, you have found a negative comment about your company/product/service.

And you can’t help it, it makes you nervous as you think about how it can be…

And you think… How can I handle these negative comments or criticisms right now?

1.- Respond as soon as possible to critical comments

Time plays against you like this You must respond to these critical comments as soon as possible or you run the risk of causing discomfort and going viral.

So first analyze if the problem is real, if it is a real customer (or a troll) and quickly make the right decisions to start fixing it.

It might be the right time to bring it out action protocol for crisis situations.

You have to make yourself available to that complaining user and show a lot of empathy with him.

“How can I help you?… You have my full attention”… This is the summary of what you have to convey.

2.- Always personalize your answer

Always offer natural and personalized responses to any positive or negative comments you may have.

There’s nothing worse than responding with a pre-made template that seems far away, meaning I don’t care what you think.

equal to the form of transform an internet is 100% personalized, customer service to resolve the unfavorable opinions of a dissatisfied customer must be personalized as well.

3.- Keep calm when replying to a comment

Cold head. It is the most important maxim when you have to respond to a negative opinion or a critical comment.

Forget the emotions and transfer answers and useful content to the userempathize with him and above all never argue with him.

In an argument on the internet or on social networks with a dissatisfied and angry customer, the company always loses. So always with education and respect.

Of course, it provides solutions from minute one. Without crossing your company’s red lines, but work to reverse that critical comment and turn that person into a satisfied customer.

4.- Recognize mistakes, provide solutions

If in step one of this methodology for dealing with negative comments you saw that the problem is real and from your company, acknowledge it.

Nobody’s perfect. Nothing happens. Voucher; cutting, your company messed everything up, Then it’s time to offer a solution.

It is the starting point from which you have to work customer service in this case. Troubleshooting.

What can you offer him? What is he asking? Is it possible to reach an agreement?

Always the best option in these cases is to listen first and respond later.

Depending on your company’s policy, you can offer one thing or another, but the bottom line is that this negative comment must disappear (or be resolved) and the user complaint must disappear.

Again depending on the tone of the negative comment, you can even turn that angry and dissatisfied customer into someone willing to buy from you again.

Because you solved the problem. Your customer service is excellent and you know how to turn the situation around, resulting in an even happier customer.

5.- Be careful what you wear in public

The recommendation to handle negative comments or unfavorable reviews is very clear.

The first message is public and you are given the opportunity to listen carefully and serve you without any problems.

From there, we speak directly with the user privately, via internal messaging, by mail or even better by telephone, to offer a quick and effective solution.

6.- Follow up later

At this moment, the negative comment is no longer a problem because it has either been deleted or a solution has been given.

Now the important thing is to see if the customer is satisfied, so that’s important track the whole process.

And of course learn, analyze and expand the crisis protocol with all the information you can extract from this new situation.

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