necessary skills in digital marketing

Difficult skills for web marketing

Hard skills, which literally translate into “hard skills”, refer to all the technical skills and theoretical knowledge that a professional possesses.

They are acquired during studies and professional life and allow a person to become a specialist in their field. Here are some of the top skills that are difficult to have in digital marketing.


And SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the SEM (Search engine marketing) play a key role in online ranking.

SEO, or natural referencing, aims to understand search engine algorithms, especially Google, to improve your visibility and drive organic traffic to your site.

SEM understands SEO, but includes paid and sponsored strategies for faster ranking. It offers instant results and can allow you to target specific audiences.

Content creation and strategy

At the heart of digital marketing is the production of effective content that can capture the attention of the target audience. Creating quality and lasting content will help you build your brand and keep and engage your audience.

A well-defined content strategy (planning, developing and managing) will help you align your content with your business goals, identify the type of content that resonates with your audience, and determine the best time to release it.

Data analysis

Mastering analytics software like Google Analytics allows you to understand user behavior and their interactions with your site. Collected data can reveal valuable insights.

Knowing how to interpret this data will help you identify trends, predict your audience’s needs to adjust your strategy, and make relevant decisions. You’ll also be able to determine which versions of your site, app, or campaigns work best.

Social media management

Presence on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.) is now essential to allow a brand to communicate with its customers and encourage their commitment, but also to improve its notoriety.

It is therefore important to know how to use these platforms to share content, promote products or services, create a close bond with your audience and improve your brand image and reputation.

And CRMs

With the CRM (Customer relationship management) focuses on customer relationship management to improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and overall experience by taking into account their needs and wants.

A CRM allows you to centralize all information relating to your customers (purchase history, interactions, etc.) and to facilitate lead follow-up and sales management. It also offers tools to automate various tasks, such as sending marketing emails.

CMS software

CMS, content management systems, such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, are valuable tools in web marketing, because they allow you to effectively manage the creation and modification of website content.

By mastering these systems, you will be able to regularly publish new content (blog articles, photos, videos, among others) to keep your audience engaged and improve your ranking. Furthermore, the most modern CMSs are compatible with social networks and e-commerce platforms.

Transversal skills

Soft skills, or “soft skills”, bring together personal and human qualities. They are related to how you interact with others, manage your emotions and behave in a given situation.

Long forgotten, today they are increasingly privileged in the professional world. Soft skills are today just as important as technical skills.

Here are some examples of popular soft skills in the field of digital marketing.


Creativity is one of the most sought after qualities by marketers. It is essential to be able to propose new ideas, think outside the box and stand out from the competition.

A creative person will be able to propose innovative strategies to attract the target audience in an environment increasingly saturated with content of all kinds. Creativity can also allow you to find unique solutions to certain problems.

The comunication

Knowing how to communicate effectively is essential to conveying convincing messages and clear ideas that can be understood by your audience. Good communication reinforces your brand’s positive image and builds trust.

A high sense of communication is also essential within your team to share your ideas and listen to your collaborators in order to develop the best possible marketing strategy.


Trends, technologies and consumer behaviors are constantly changing, so you need to know how to adapt to changes to be successful in web marketing.

You need to monitor new products and competitors regularly and bounce back quickly with new solutions, propositions and strategies to maintain your brand positioning.

Initiative and innovation

The sense of initiative and innovation is linked to creativity and the ability to adapt. It allows you to stand out and reinvent yourself by taking innovative steps and rethinking your approaches.

This expertise is essential to maintain a high level of competitiveness and follow the latest trends. It lets you stay ahead of the competition and explore new ways to engage and retain audiences.

critical mind

Currently the internet is full of disinformation, hoaxes, etc. It is therefore essential to order all the information received in order to be able to distinguish the true from the false. You need to know how to form your own opinion to make informed decisions.

Having a good critical mind allows you to objectively evaluate different strategies, question trends, and identify improvement opportunities that arise to adjust your approach.

Self branding

Self branding is defined by managing one’s personal brand. As a digital marketer, your personal image is closely linked to that of the brand or product you represent.

Promoting yourself on the Internet or on social networks helps to strengthen your credibility and visibility in the sector. In this way you will be able to attract the attention of employers, potential customers and collaborators.

Self branding goes through the way you express yourself and present yourself. Knowing how to communicate effectively and take care of one’s appearance strengthens one’s authority and professionalism.

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