Meta Work Accounts: New customization coming soon

Curious what that is meta work accounts (in English, meta work accounts) ?

Note that this is a long-awaited feature for users who manage meta products on behalf of their company.

If you find yourself in this situation, you haven’t heard the end of it because Meta work accounts affect how you log into the meta ecosystem.

Without further ado, let’s take stock of meta work accounts.

What are meta work accounts?

The information went almost unnoticed.

In a blog post dedicated to developersMeta announced the opening of working accounts for a limited number of companies in 2023.

Work accounts linked to an organization enable you to do thisAccess to Devices and Services to fulfill your professional duties without having to use your Facebook profile.

On the service side I think Meta Business Manager etc Meta Business Suite worried.

On the device side Meta Quest virtual reality products for business could be specifically addressed.

This novelty makes sense especially with regard to Meta Business Manager.

The managing director is currently created with a Facebook profile, even if a professional e-mail address is requested afterwards.

Likewise, before joining a Business Manager, you must verify your identity by logging in with your Facebook profile to access your business account in Business Manager.

These less than ideal situations have prompted some users to create a second Facebook profile for their business or professional activities. This violates the Facebook Terms of Service.

With the meta work account, you only use your work email address of the type

Meta says, “Companies migrating to Meta business accounts will switch their users from using their Facebook accounts to using their business credentials to access Business Manager. Access to company resources such as Pages and ad accounts will be transferred from Facebook accounts to their new profile in Business Manager. There will be a migration to meta work accounts at company or organizational level. An organization administrator grants their employees access to Business Manager using their work credentials (e.g. work email address). The employee must then claim their meta work account as part of the setup process.”

Don’t expect a beta release and major deployment before 2024 in my opinion.

It’s your turn

What do you think of meta work accounts? Share your thoughts or questions in the comments below.

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