and MARCO are spokespersons for Beyond Communication and MARCO jointly present Beyond Communication, a new program analyzing good communication practices in the communications industry.

There’s nothing stronger than a good story This is a reality that successful brands have integrated into their operations over the years, getting closer to audiences and becoming authentic institutions, more than just suppliers, where values ​​and purpose become an element of customer loyalty. the public.

That’s why sustainability, artificial intelligence and more have taken the communications industry by storm to keep the conversation going on modern brands. In this sense, and the consulting firm MARCO come together to unveil a new program dubbed Beyond Communication that will become the compass for successfully navigating the industry.

Communication can be understood as the cornerstone of humanity, but in an increasingly complicated world where social networks, the metaverse and digital platforms are becoming fundamental elements of people’s daily lives, «Beyond Brands» It provides all the keys to adopting good communication practices.

In a series of episodes, industry experts will discuss best practices for the industry and highlight the trends driving brands to grow.

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«Beyond Communication»: the commitment of and MARCO

Presented by Javier PriedrahitaCEO & Founder de, Out in September 2023, Beyond Communication will feature a series of episodes bringing together representatives from consultancy MARCO, brands and advertisers to discuss the best strategies for revolutionizing the industry.

The saturation with messages, the paradigm shifts presented by the new generations and the popularization of new technological tools like AI are just such some of the biggest challenges for communication professionals, But it is precisely in the field of advertising, where the messages conveyed can be decisive for the success of a brand, that these are challenges that become even more important.

In this way, the advertising industry ignites a race to use KPIS, viral videos and the boldest actions to reach consumers. How many of the impacts users receive daily leave a lasting impression?

Exactly this reality is the raison d’être of “Beyond Brands”, where and MARCO come together to reflect on the role of communication in the advertising environmentand the fundamental keys to achieving transcendent messages that leave their mark on the consumer’s mind.

The revolution that the world of communications has experienced worldwide, the new wave of sustainability, innovation in the digital age, branding and the complex world of social networks are just some of the stops on the journey that this new program proposes throughout its episodes , which can be followed live through the official channels of this medium. What are you waiting for to enter the new era of brands?

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